Feel the New Year cheer inside and out

Posted on: 11 January 2010 by Mark O'haire

One in three women may have been putting their festive enjoyment at risk, warns Ingrid Tarrant.

New research reveals a third of women could have been putting their happiness and comfort over Christmas and the New Year at risk due to a health complaint.

Around one in three women (32%) say delicate health problems like diarrhoea, period pains or constipation have spoiled a special occasion like Christmas Day. Over half of women admit they have experienced such a problem at least once in the past 12 months (55%), so it’s far from an uncommon problem according to the research commissioned by Senokot.

However, although it’s clear most women suffer from perceived ‘sensitive’ health complaints, more than a quarter of women have ‘secret’ health symptoms they don’t share with their partner. Even something like constipation would be awkwardly hidden by more than half of girls from their friends or partner.

Worryingly, more than one in ten women admit to waiting more than a year to seek advice on such health complaints. Health problems such as constipation can often make us feel irritable, self conscious and stressed, wreaking havoc in our working and personal lives. But when you consider the UK female beauty market is worth tens of millions of pounds, it begs the question - why are we making such an effort to look good on the outside if we aren’t feeling happy on the inside? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Although the festivities are now over, more than a third of women (37%) admit constipation could have prevented them from going to their Christmas or New Year party and 30% would possibly miss spending time with their friends due to sensitive health problems over the Christmas period.

Ingrid Tarrant admits that Christmas and the New Year period can be a tough time with all the festive treats playing havoc with our bodies.

“Although we are now in the party season it can be difficult to join in if you’re not feeling well or feeling all bunged up and bloated,” she says.

Claire McCormack Senokot spokesperson says: “Suffering from constipation or other similar health complaints should not been seen as embarrassing, because it is very common with half of women suffering constipation during their lifetime.  This is why we feel it is crucial to encourage women to feel at ease to talk about such health problems.”

For more information visit www.senokot.co.uk.

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