How To Look Good While Flying

Posted on: 17 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Air New Zealand teams up with Gok Wan on the definitive guide to style in the sky.

Air New Zealand is helping its passengers perfect their in-flight chic with a little help from TV style guru Gok Wan. The How to Look Good Naked star has teamed up with the airline to launch the first ever Style in the Sky guide to looking and feeling fabulous, from check-in to landing.

The guide, aimed at business and leisure travellers, covers everything from packing advice, to in-flight chic, to hair and beauty tips. Members of Air New Zealand’s cabin crew have also drawn on their travel experience to provide tips on how to look and feel good when flying.  

Gok Wan says, "Arriving at your destination looking fresh and fabulous is important, whether flying for business or pleasure. If anyone knows how to do long haul travel right, it’s Air New Zealand. With its fresh and relaxed Kiwi style, I’ve loved working with them on this brilliant collection of hints and tips, so you can step off the plane looking pulled together, gorgeous and ready for anything."

The guide is available from for passengers wishing to plan their flight chic before departing.

Scott Carr, Air New Zealand’s General Manager, UK and Europe, explains, "We are always looking for new ways to enhance the flying experience for our passengers. This guide is all about feeling confident and comfortable whether you’re traveling to Hong Kong or LA for an important business meeting, or to New Zealand for the holiday of a lifetime."

Gok’s top tips for travelling in style include:

Handy Tip
Exposure to air conditioning for any length of time can dry out your skin. Pack a rich hand cream with Vitamins A,C and D which will replace moisture to the skin instantly. Use it on your feet and elbows too.

All Change
Take a change of clothes for the plane. A light-weight tracksuit is ideal and ladies, a pashmina is great for snuggling down on long haul journeys.

Layering is super easy: the key is to use block colours for simplicity and make sure your top layer is easy to remove allowing you to control your own personal temperature gauge while on board. Mixing knits is so this season.

Hair Style
Men: to avoid looking like Russell Brand on a bad hair day, don’t put product in your hair before the flight. Just before landing nip to the loo and style away. Don’t use too much - there’s nothing worse than a chip shop mop!

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The Style in the Sky guide is available from

Air New Zealand flies twice daily to New Zealand from London Heathrow, via Los Angeles or Hong Kong.

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