Licence To Travel: Bond’s Best Destinations

Posted on: 10 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Follow in the footsteps of James Bond visiting some of Europe's stunning sights and cities.

To mark the release of the 22nd Bond movie Quantum Of Solace, we’ve hand-picked some of Bond’s best European spots so you can launch a mission of your own.

Despite carrying more than 100ml of poisonous liquids and gels, not to mention various sharp objects and even explosives in his hand luggage, Bond rarely seems to have any problems at security.

In his 37 odd years, 007 has travelled to countless exotic locations around the world undertaking important missions on behalf of Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

We take a look at some of Bond’s best European spots so you can launch a mission of your own.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Featured in GoldenEye

The glitz, glamour and million dollar yachts; Monte Carlo is a classic setting for Bond’s adventures and is 007’s first port of call in the hunt for the GoldenEye satellite weapon.

Relive a Bond moment in the decadent Monte Carlo casino - if only just to watch the big spenders burning copious amounts of cash on the card tables. Like Bond, you’ll need to brush up: a suit jacket for men is compulsory and ladies should also dress to impress.

Corfu, Greece

CorfuFeatured in For Your Eyes Only

In an early sequence set in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Corfu, we witness the sinking of a British spy trawler by a mysterious mine.

Corfu is well known to British tourists for its beaches and warm blue green seas, as well as its vibrant night life, offering visitors the opportunity to carry out some of Bond’s favourite pastimes: diving, yachting and fraternising with members of the opposite sex.

Baku, Azerbaijan

BakuFeatured in The World Is Not Enough

007 travels to the very eastern fringes of Europe with Bond girl beauty, Elektra, where he investigates the route for a planned oil pipeline through the Caucasus mountains.

Baku is a cosmopolitan capital built on oil money and offers an intoxicating mix of modern and traditional. Visit the walled old city with its narrow streets and mansions, then stroll the boulevard that could almost be in Paris, before investigating the bizarre bubbling mud volcanoes found a short trip from the city.

Belgrade & Zagreb, Serbia & Croatia

ZagrebFeatured in Russia With Love

Bond travels by train to these former Yugoslavian cities where he almost meets his match at the hands of his Soviet counterpart.

Following independence from Russia, both cities have now become popular tourist destinations.

Belgrade is renowned for its busy nightlife and 24 hour party people.

Zagreb is a historic capital blessed with museums and galleries set in cobbled streets lit by gas lamps, not to mention high fashion, high-end culture and a buzzing café society.

Lake Constance, Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Lake ConstanceFeatured in Quantum Of Solace

This extremely beautiful body of water in the heart of Europe is the scene for Bond stalking his enemy at a performance of the Italian Opera, Tosca.

The lake is an ideal venue for a relaxed short break, and is also a water sports centre, with sailing, water skiing and fishing on offer. It’s also a wine sweet spot with local vineyards producing the delicate and fruity Müller-Thurgau vintages.

Enjoy dining at the lakeside restaurants which serve up delicious fresh fish such as pike, trout, char and eel, plus game from nearby forests.

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