Never too old to date!

Posted on: 29 December 2009 by Mark O'haire

Don't feel guilty about finding love in later life. Whether you are in your 40s or 80s, there is no reason to deny yourself the thrill of sharing your life with someone new.

It’s a fact that young people find it hard to imagine older people doing the things that they do. Every generation seems to think that they, and they alone, invented love. It can be amusing for older people to watch, but it can be frustrating too. Some of that, “what do those old people think they are doing together” syndrome can rub off. Older people can sometimes feel guilty when they seek company, feeling that it’s a young person’s thing, and that they should start to act their age.

Never too old

Age. What is it anyway? It certainly is not how you look, or at least, it certainly shouldn’t be. People in their 80s or even 90s can often feel exactly the same as they did when they were in their teens. That isn’t due to dementia either. It’s just that while your body can show signs of age, your mind doesn’t have to. That’s the main secret of older dating – keeping young inside!

Bob Dylan wrote a song entitled, Forever Young, and that’s what you should strive for. That doesn’t mean making a fool of yourself at a family get together by trying to do the latest gyrating dance. That only embarrasses everyone. Being young at heart is something all together different and better.

You need to understand the difference between childish and childlike. The childish person is usually a silly person while the childlike person never really grows old. They have a normal adult approach, but they still retain the wonder of being a child. This kind of person knows that dating is something that everyone of every age should enjoy. If you are lucky enough to be this kind of person, then you will never be too old to date. If not, try to discover how to be forever young inside. You will be amazed at the difference it can make to your life.

Dating should always be a fun thing. An older person who goes out on a date, but constantly brings up old people things is not doing what it takes to make the date work. Yes, rheumatism and lumbago are a fact of life for many, but you don’t have to harp on about it – even if you are in discomfort. The older person who enjoys successful dates is the one who puts all that aside and concentrates on having fun.

Forever young

If you are thinking of trying one of the many online dating services, and you are an older person, then by all means do so. Don’t try to hide your age or dye your hair – or any of the many other things people do to try to hide their age. It is better by far to display a young mind. Be forever young and your passion will rub off. Dating is about having fun at every age. Make it fun for the other person and your date will be successful, whether you are sixteen or sixty – or more. Stay forever young in your mind and never let your physical age be the thing that stops you from enjoying the great art of dating!

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