Reading The Cards

Posted on: 09 July 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Listening to the bidding.

Listening to the bidding.

Sometimes you can infer, with high confidence, the opponents distribution - and this information is often of value to declarer.

Imagine you are declarer (South) after the following bidding:

West NNorth East South
1clubs pass 1hearts 2diamonds
2hearts 3diamonds pass pass

The King of hearts is led and dummy and your hands are:

spades A 8 3
hearts 7 5 4
diamonds K 8 2
clubs Q J 5 3

spades K Q
hearts A 3 2
diamonds A J 10 9 8
clubs 9 8 5

There is a wealth of information here:

  • We have six hearts, so the opponents have 7 between them
  • So their hearts must be split 4 (East) and (West) as they bid and raised hearts
  • We have 5 spades, so the opponents have 8 between them
  • So their spades almost certainly break 4-4 or eiither opponent would have bid a five card major
  • So when we draw trumps (diamonds) we will know how many diamonds each had
  • And thus we will know how many clubs they each have and so the distribution of all the suits.

Enjoy your bridge.

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