Shoe Envy: Charlotte Dellal

Posted on: 22 February 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

With London Fashion Week in full flow we thought we’d point the spotlight at some of our favourite up and coming designers.

Dellal shoesToday, it’s Charlotte Olympia Dellal. Name ringing any bells now? Yes, Charlotte Olympia shoes are the newest foot fetish sweeping the nation, and it’s so easy to see why.

Playful, band on trend and apparently (we don’t have £450 handy) super-comfortable, these shoes are already donning the feet of the world’s finest, from Beyonce to Cheryl Cole and now firm favourites of Sex and The City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, there’s no doubt that Olympia’s could soon be the new Louboutin’s.

Charlotte Dellal oozes glamour from a bygone era, with her pin curled hair, slight frame and pin up looks her shoes and also echo these traits. Each collection is inspired by vintage pin ups such as Rita Hayworth. This season’s inspiration is Carmen Miranda with the Samba star's style and glamour evident through the whole line. There’s skyscraper heels for style, but with wooden platforms and wedges for practicality, then there’s her sumptuous pick of fabrics, sophisticated yet occasionally playful – all these add up to make the ultimate pair of dream shoes.

Charlotte Dellal shoesHalf Brazillian and half English, London 'It' girl  Dellal launched her own label back in 2006 and has gone from strength to strength. Her mother (Andrea Dellal) and sister (Alice Dellal) are both models, so it’s clear that beauty and style run in the family, however Charlotte’s design and style mean that in a world of “it’s who you know” Charlotte is most definitely showing that in her case “It’s what you know!”

Charlotte Olympia’s shoes are available online at are stocked in Harrods and will soon be available online at her new website (being built as we speak).

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