So, what makes you happy...?

Posted on: 16 May 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

The results from the Surcare questionnaire are in - plus, the winner of the laundry bundle is revealed!

Happiness doesn’t always come from the most obvious of places or actions. In fact, it can often be the smallest gestures of kindness that raise a smile and make all the difference to your day. 

Laundry brand Surcare wanted to find out what makes you cheerful and so in April, they ran a survey on 50 Connect to see what made you smile.   

The response to the survey was fantastic – so thank you and now we can reveal what makes you happy!

It seems that while we might bicker, wind each other up and wear each other out, spending time with family is our favourite way to make us smile.

It is often said that the best things in life are free but what really hits the mark for 50 Connect users?  Nearly a third of you said that spending time with your family topped your list with the sun shining coming second (14.2%).

Spending time with family also topped the list of things you most wanted to do to ‘pick-you-up’ if you were feeling a little blue.  And, it seems we are still a nation of chocolate lovers as eating chocolate came a close second choice as a remedy to feeling down.

Even when given a choice of holiday that would make you happy, over 22% of responses said that they didn’t care where they were as long as they were with their family. Just beating it to the post this time, however, with 3% more was the simple pleasure of a beach holiday; sometimes the idea of sun and relaxation are just too tempting!

And there’s no doubt how important happiness is to you, because when we asked what your one wish for yourself would be, happiness and health took precedence over everything else, including wealth and good looks. 

And of course just to balance we had to find out what gives you the heebie-jeebies! Fingernails on a blackboard were the ultimate spine chiller, with snakes and finding hairs in your food following close behind.

We also asked you about your laundry habits and discovered that a massive 81% of you use non-biological washing products and 78% wash at 30 degrees whenever possible.  And, the reason for choosing non-biological products was primarily split between preferring less chemicals and understanding that it is better for your skin.

And that’s where Surcare fits in. With its non-biological washing powder, liquid, tablets, fabric conditioner and washing up liquid, Surcare products provide effective cleaning whilst also being gentle on your skin. 

The products are free from perfumes and dyes and yet still clean brilliantly at 30°, making them good for the environment and your bank balance too!

And finally, who was the lucky winner of the luxury laundry bundle? Well the very lucky lady is Ruth Tesdale - who will be receiving her amazing prize very soon! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered!

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