Spring sort-out!

Posted on: 08 April 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

OK, there’s no excuse now, winter is over – it’s time for a spring clear out

http://owl-group-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_datas/30344/landscape_large.jpg?1302270410There’s something about being British that means hoarding is in our blood, that ‘make do and mend' mentality is a great one to have, especially in the era of green living, but it’s not such a great attribute when what it turns into is ‘keep in the cupboard and do nothing with’!

We’re not suggesting you throw out every single thing in your house and live like a Buddhist monk, but here are some tips to clear out the cobwebs…

Go through your 'keep' pile twice

The first time you see something you feel particularly nostalgic about the item, but the second or third time you look at it, you’ll realise there’s a reason you haven’t seen it for 10 years. Make three piles of, keep, bin, charity shop, and then go through your keep pile again. I recently went through all of my art sketchbooks, at first I wanted to keep them all, but by the third rummage I settled for the work I was most proud of, instead of every bit of paper I’d ever scribbled on! And if you’ve gone through for the third time and everything is still a keeper – then keep it, don’t feel guilty for holding on to the things that you love.

The Wardrobe

It’s a new season, so gather your winter clothes and store them away. Leave out thin knitted cardigans or jumpers to throw on of a summer evening, but banish heavy knits and winter coats from your rails.

While you’re at it think about what you wore this winter, if there’s items hanging that you haven’t worn for two years ask yourself why. If it’s because it wasn't on trend keep hold of it, but only if it was expensive, or really good quality – you never know what will be ‘in’ next season. If it doesn’t fit and hasn’t in recent years, or if you simple haven’t worn it for more than three years, then put it in the charity shop pile. If you have vintage clothes, anything from the 80s back, check with your younger relatives if they’d like to wear any of it (some of my favourite clothes are from my grandmother's wardrobe), you’ll be very popular!

Under the beds

It’s a horrible job, but someone’s got to do it and considering you’re reading this, I’m guessing it’ll be you! Head under your bed and pull out all of the ‘stuff’ living under there. Once you’ve chucked away anything tatty, thrown away the old pens, and put the pennies in the penny jar invest in some under bed storage. You might not have gotten rid of anything, but now it’ll stay dust free under your bed until the next time.


http://owl-group-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_datas/30305/landscape_large.jpg?1301671873Under bed storage

These are really handy as they have wheels for easy manoeuvring and open at both ends, a pair are 24.99 from Argos


http://owl-group-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_datas/30306/landscape_large.jpg?1301671959Vacuum bags

Or, if space is the issue then these vacuum bags are genius! This compresses the contents down and makes it airtight saving piles of space. 6 bags are £19.99 from Argos and are reusable.

Top Tip (these are great for holidays, taking up half the space in your suitcase!)

Make do and spend!

Keep your old fabrics and get busy crafting with one of these great ideas. 50 Fabric scraps & remnant ideas

Value £

Unless you sell them it won’t make you money, but the satisfaction level is worth it!

Sign up to eBay

By listing your old tat on eBay you can make a small fortune. It's a lot like a boot sale without the cold morning and the early start, after all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Value £-£££

You could make from pennies to hundreds of pounds depending on your lot.

Sell old mobile handsets

Keep finding old mobile phones? Sell them! There’s plenty of sites like Mazuma and ecourmobile who will buy your old handset and recycle it.

Value £-£££

£5 to £300 depending on the model.

Sell your old books

Whether it's a beach read that isn’t worth a second glance or university textbooks, which you never want to glance at again, you can make money by selling books online. We like GreenMetropolis’ idea.  Every book you sell nets you £3, which covers the cost of post and packagaing and includes a 5p donation to The Woodland Trust. If you'd like to make more money for charity, you can become a charity seller, in which case a pound is taken from each sale and given to a charity of your choice. 

Value £

Five books = £10 with a charity making £5 too!

Has this inspired you to have a spring clear-out? Let us know below...

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