Stay Warm Without The Heating

Posted on: 19 January 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

We have 10 top tips to keep your home cosy on a budget, without turning the heating on.

As 2009 kicks off with sub zero temperatures, money worries and a gas dispute, find out how to keep cosy on a budget with 10 eco friendly and money saving winter warmers.

Wood Burning Stoves

Introduce solid burning fuel burners to your home as an alternative method on heating your home. Opt for corn kernels for extra eco-friendly burning. You will, of course, need a chimney.

Solar Panels

Get involved in this fast growing energy industry and make the most of the free power of the sun. With rising prices of conventional energy, alternative energy businesses are getting more popular.

Foil Behind Radiators

Fitting aluminium foil behind radiators will reflect the warmth back into the room and prevent heat escaping from outside walls.

Simply attach foil, shiny side up, onto walls as a very cheap way of conserving heat that could save you as much as £14 a year on bills, according to British Gas.


Replace your old boiler with a modern design to save 30% on your heating bills.

Roger Allen, director of architects Nonsense Design Ltd said boilers that are less than 10 years old are 90% efficient, compared to their older counterparts that are only 60% efficient.

"If you insulate your house properly, you don't need to spend so much on a heating bill. Now we've gotten lazy and comfort zones are higher, meaning while our ideal temperature in a room is now 19c, it used to be just 14 in the 70s," says Allen.


Prevent heat from escaping bare floors and keep toes warm by putting a rug down.

Mexican design company NEL, have taken the eco-friendly rug to the extreme by portraying a lone polar bear stranded on an ice floe as the victim of melting polar icecaps and climate change.

Body Heat

Make your home so efficient that it relies on just body heat and the warmth from electrical appliances to heat your home.

The passive house requires very little energy to heat or cool. Simple essentials like thick insulation, triple glazing and ventilation keep a home warm with a steady supply of fresh air, as well as saving 92% of heat normally lost through cold drafts in a normal house.


Eating at home not only saves you money, and provides a healthy alternative to restaurant food, but also heats your house whilst cooking.

Leave your oven door open when you are finished to make the most of the extra warmth.

Bundle Up

Before you turn up the heating, put a jumper on to keep warm and save money. Or opt for 100% biodegradable thermal bamboo bath robe from BimBamBoo and do your bit for the environment while keeping cosy.

Cling Film Your Windows

Attaching cling film to the inside of your windows will insulate your home, by providing secondary glazing, and is a far cheaper alternative to double glazing.

Normal cling film works just as well as specially bought designs.

Get Fit

With disposable incomes dwindling, opt for a jog in the park or use an exercise video at home to keep active, healthy and warm without the cost of a gym.

Gym memberships cost in the region of £50 pounds a month - jogging is free and you'll feel warmer when you get home.

Do you have any top tips to share?

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