Sun, Sea, Sand, Seaweed & A Health Secret Closer To Home

Posted on: 29 July 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

When we’re in need of relaxation, the first thing we usually think of is booking a holiday, because we know soaking in the sunshine and dipping our toes in the sea will help us to unwind.

But, whilst we know that time spent by the ocean is mentally nourishing, what do we know about how it can benefit us physically?

Well, it’s good news. Enjoying sun, sea, sand and even seaweed can be incredibly good for us on the inside too, providing an array of health boosting benefits that will make justifying time off by the coast a lot easier.

Here’s how…

Sun – A Bright Light For Health

Gentle exposure to sunlight helps us to produce Vitamin D – one of the only vitamins produced naturally by our bodies. The majority of people in the UK have an insufficient level of vitamin D in the blood, particularly in winter .

Famous for its contribution to bone and joint health, Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, so regular yet sensible exposure to sunlight is important. It can provide important health benefits in preventing or ameliorating conditions or diseases such as bone diseases, muscle pain, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure .

As we age we produce less Vitamin D, which is why conditions such as osteoporosis, joint pain and arthritis become increasingly common. Ensuring that you have adequate exposure to sunlight can help your body to maximise its Vitamin D production, which will in turn regulate your body’s ability to absorb calcium, benefiting bone health .

Ever wondered why you feel happier in the sunshine? It’s actually down to the heat of the sun. The sun’s warmth affects our endocrine system, the part of the body which secretes endorphins - the natural chemicals in our body designed to help us feel relaxed and less stressed .

For those looking for some sunshine in their lives, Sun Chlorella ‘A’, the single most popular green wholefood supplement taken in Japan, is the answer. Grown in natural sunlight, it is rich in the natural nutrient Vitamin D and also contains vitamin K, commonly known to initiate the process of healing and help the body absorb calcium.

Sun Chlorella contains a special component called the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) which encourages growth and repair of cells and tissues in our bodies, stimulating the growth of good bacteria and helping to eliminate toxins. As part of Chlorella’s great detoxification process, it is reported that hangovers can be prevented by up to 96% if 4-5g of chlorella is taken before drinking  - perfect to keep you feeling great for another day on the beach.

With all the benefits it’s important not to forget to be safe when spending time in the sun. Always remember to wear an SPF sunscreen, to protect your precious skin from any harmful rays.

Sea – Liquid Health For Skin

Made up of 75% water, with a salty water solution contained in our cells, blood and tissues  it’s no wonder humans are at one with water. But apart from the obvious soothing and relaxing properties of floating in the sea when on holiday, there are other health benefits.

Research has shown that the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain which lull you into a deeply relaxed state, whilst floating in water can actually make us more alert. Laying horizontally on water means blood is diverted around from our lower limbs and pumped towards our abdominal region - the part of the body near the heart. Pumping fresh blood around the body like this brings more oxygen to our brain. Combine this with the sea air, which is charged with negative ions and accelerates our ability to absorb oxygen, and being by the seaside is an energising experience .

Sea water contains 90 natural minerals  of which a proportion can be effective for some skin conditions such as psoriasis  and dermatitis . Salt and potassium, both found in seawater, are excellent healers, with research showing they seal damaged skin and allow it to mend.

Sand – Smooth Away Your Troubles

Sand is a wonderful natural exfoliator. Try rubbing wet sand onto your upper arms and thighs and walk barefoot along the beach to remove the dead outer cells and reveal the new, youthful skin beneath. This will not only give a natural glow to the skin’s surface but will also cleanse the pores and help your tan to last longer too.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to exercise on holiday but fitness experts recommend running or walking on sand as a great way to tone up your thighs and calves and make your legs work a bit harder than normal.

Specialists advise running on wet, firm-packed sand near the shoreline at low tide because the surface is flatter and less punishing on the body. When running on soft sand, experts suggest shortening your stride for a more even-footed landing and keeping your weight balanced to avoid sinking in .


Plants from the sea, such as seaweed, contain more minerals than any other plant source, typically made up of important elements such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and potassium .

The protein in seaweed is more easily absorbed by the body than protein found in meat or fish, and even better, seaweed contains only 2% fat . Sea vegetables such as Spirulina, Kelp or Chlorella sea algae are natural sources of minerals and have been shown to provide detoxifying and healing properties . 

If you don’t like the sound of eating seaweed on holiday then Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is the perfect alternative. Similar to many plants found in the sea, but grown in spring water, Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is a nutritious single-celled green algae. Totally natural and balanced, it contains a staggering range of nutrients including the essential amino acids, vitamins A, B12, B6 and D as well as folic acid, iron and fibre. 

So, if you’re going on holiday and want a supplement to support your immunity, boost your energy levels and enhance your skin then make sure you pack Sun Chlorella ‘A’. And for those unable to get to the beach this year, rather than going green with envy at the thought of all that you’re missing, go green with algae instead and get your burst of sun, sea, sand and seaweed a little bit closer to home.

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