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Posted on: 26 February 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

We’ve come up with some impressive global star gazing experiences to have you awestruck by their wonders.

In 1609, Galileo first turned his telescope towards the night sky to make discoveries that completely astounded and amazed the world.

Four hundred years on and in celebration of the ‘International Year of Astronomy’, we’ve come up with some impressive global star gazing experiences to have holidaymakers equally awestruck by their wonders.

With a galaxy to choose from, here are a few of the star destinations to choose from.

Loisaba Lodge Star Beds, Kenya

Made famous in Kuki Gallman's book 'I Dreamed of Africa', Loisaba Lodge lies perched high on the edge of the plateau looking south towards Mount Kenya with its aptly named ‘Star Beds’ hidden away at two special waterhole and riverside locations, providing a ringside view to passing wildlife.

Built on a raised wooden platform with a partially covered thatched roof, star-crossed lovers can simply wheel their especially designed bed onto the deck to sleep peacefully under the stars, awakening to the unique dawn chorus of the African bush.

Price:: Star Beds start from £495/person for 2 nights fully inclusive of full board and game activities.

Table 131°, Uluru, Australia

Table 131° - the ultimate ‘dining with the stars’ experience. Longitude 131°, an exclusive luxury tented camp in the pristine wilderness of Australia’s outback offering, unadulterated views of Uluru (Ayers Rock), wines and dines its guests in the desert with a gourmet experience like no other.

Taken to a secluded sand dune at sunset, guests nibble on canapés and sip champagne whilst they witness the magnificent red hue of Uluru, before sitting down to a delicious fine dining experience under the stars.

During the course of the evening, an astronomer regales stories of the magnificent Southern Hemisphere stars and dreamtime tales from the ancient aboriginal culture, bringing alive the spirits of the desert and the night sky.

Price: Longitude 131° starts from £399/person/night on twin share with all meals, selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and inclusive touring based on a 3 night stay.

Yukon Northern Lights, Canada

Coined the ‘Dance of the Spirits’ by Canada’s indigenous Cree, the Aurora Borealis is an incredible natural light display where swirling swathes of colour illuminate the sky.

With warm summer-like days and crisp clear nights making the Yukon one of the best places in Canada to experience it, travellers can try adventures of the pristine wilderness - fly-fishing, dog-sledding and canoeing - during the day, in the knowledge that they will be rewarded by phenomenal views at night.

Price: The 3-day Autumn Aurora Explorer Whitehorse starts from £726 including twin share accommodation, 4 days car rental, all meals and touring.

Thala Beach, Queensland, Australia

Tucked away on a wooded headland on the Queensland coast and fringed by beautiful secluded beaches, Thala Beach Lodge’s observatory complements its luxurious five star accommodation with the promise of exceptional stargazing.

With the centre of the Milky Way galaxy passing almost directly overhead, as if it is within a simple reach of the hand, guests can check out their celestial neighbours and distant galaxies with 10” telescopes in the comfort that, closer to home, they’ll enjoy complete privacy in one of the beautifully appointed timber bungalows.

Price: Thala Beach starts from £59/person/night based on twin share in a Jungle Walk bungalow.

The Hermitage & Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, New Zealand

Surrounded by World Heritage National Park, with spectacular mountain views of New Zealand’s tallest peak - Aoraki Mount Cook, enjoy a tribute to one of the country’s most adventurous stars by day and explore magnificent southern skies with expert astronomers by night.

Aptly located amongst snowcapped wilderness, the Sir Edmund Hillary Centre showcases ‘the man’, the Aoraki Mount Cook region, its people and its place in the universe. Designed to educate and entertain, it features a spectacular state of the art 3D movie, museum and New Zealand's first full dome digital planetarium.

Complemented by The Hermitage’s excellent facilities, guests can then dine out to panoramic celestial vistas and telescopic star-gazing with the hotel’s resident astronomers.

Price: The Hermitage starts from £54/person/night based on twin share in a premium room. Entrance to Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre is £10.22/person.

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