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Posted on: 20 May 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Our top tips on turning your garden into an extra living room.


If you are one of the many Brits choosing to stay home for the summer rather than splurging on a tropical getaway, making the most of your outdoor space will be essential.

A very popular and simple way to dress up a tired garden is by adding decking. Decking is really versatile and fits in with all sorts of different garden styles. It can recreate the feel of a classic country garden in an urban setting, without having to lay a lawn or go overboard with a high-maintenance planting scheme. Hardwearing as well as eye catching, it’ll be the envy of your next summer BBQ.

According to the long-term forecast it’s going to be a great summer weather-wise, so even if you’re not bound for foreign shores it doesn’t mean you’re going to be marooned – there’s a season of al fresco shindigs to be had.

The Cuprinol Wood Preservation Society’s very own Decking Doctor Steve Young says, “The trend for decks looks set to soar still further as the financial climate encourages people to abandon holidays abroad, and improve, not move.

“Who doesn't want to maximise their living space? Building a timber deck takes less time and effort than a new patio or terrace.”

The Cuprinol Wood Preservation Society’s Top Tips On Laying Your Decking

  • Clear the site of all vegetation
  • Level and compact the surface and lay garden fabric to prevent vegetation re-growth.
  • You may need to lay foundations to provide stability for the support posts or framing joists. Old paving slabs are ideal for this
  • Plan the deck layout and support frame on paper first
  • Always leave a slight fall (1 in 100 gradient) to allow rainwater to run off. Grooved boards may look decorative, but the grooves actually serve a purpose and should be positioned so they channel the water away.
  • Try to ensure that the gaps between boards are constant
  • Use galvanised nails or stainless steel countersunk screws to prevent corrosion
  • Clean your deck on a regular basis with Cuprinol Decking Cleaner to remove dirt and grease. This will also remove any algae and mould and helps protect against re-growth.
  • Make sure you keep your deck surface treated and stained to ensure you get many years of enjoyment and to protect it against the elements. The secret is to stick to a natural colour palette that blends with your garden – try using the new Cuprinol Power Pad in Boston Teak.  As well as being available in a range of four of the most popular decking colours, the combined pad and brush applicator means it’s really quick and easy to apply, leaving a beautiful even finish.

For more information on how to look after your decking, useful products and the Cuprinol Wood Preservation Society visit

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