The hottest travel destinations for 2010

Posted on: 16 December 2009 by Mark O'haire

It’s that time of year when we all start to think of booking our next holiday and if you’re wondering what’s hot for 2010, travel experts share their predictions on what they think will be the ten hottest destinations.


Turkey proved a big hit with customers this year as it offers great value for money, and with perfect weather and golden beaches, it will continue to be a popular choice in 2010. As a result, Thomson and First Choice have significantly increased their programme offering a range of new flights and destinations. Another reason Turkey has become such a top holiday destination is down to many hotels offering all-inclusive board, which in this current economic climate, is always helpful to families and couples wanting to keep to a budget on holiday.


The North African country has soared in popularity recently and is one to watch for next year. Egypt is a big family destination with many family oriented resorts with lots to do for kids and adults alike. The culture, climate and a flight-time of less than five hours makes this a great all-round destination for families and adults after guaranteed sun.


Mexico is now firmly back on the agenda as Brits return in their droves and there is great value to be had. On the Yucatan Peninsula you can combine relaxation and history as the famous Mayan ruins are close by. Plus you can enjoy water activities galore, including scuba diving along the second largest coral reef in the world so perfect for adults looking for a bit more to do on their holiday.


As mid haul destinations rise in popularity for being good value for money, Tunisia is often overshadowed by the big boys, Egypt and Turkey. Thomson and First Choice predict in 2010 it will get the recognition it deserves, however, as the country boasts quality accommodation, pristine sandy beaches, top class golf courses and is rich in history and culture so great for adults.

Greece (Mykonos)

Greece is still as popular as ever with its picturesque islands and stunning beaches attracting the masses. Last year’s film ‘Mama Mia’ set on the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos, made Brits go gaga over Greece and the trend is sure to continue into 2010.


Majorca has always been a big hit with us Brits and that’s not about to change. Just a short flight away, the island offers great weather, trendy cities and beautiful sunsets. The un-favourable exchange rate won’t be such a problem next year as more hotels start to offer all-inclusive board in Majorca which shows the island is adapting to demand.


Before President Obama follows through with his plans to ease the longstanding U.S. restrictions on travel, experts predict a mass flocking by Brits to Cuba before it changes altogether to cater for the mass American tourist market. In 2010, we will be hot-footing it over to the largest Caribbean island to get an authentic Cuban experience before it’s too late.

Famed for its exciting history and extraordinary music and dance traditions, as well as its vibrant capital city, Havana, Cuba is an exciting destination full of fun and adventure.

Croatia & Montenegro

Croatia & Montenegro really are the jewels of the Balkan states. With breath-taking mountainous landscapes, rich green forests and medieval cities, these two stunning countries are already fast becoming two of the trendiest holiday destinations for us Brits. 

Morocco (Marrakech)

If shopping is your thing then Marrakech will be your Mecca, as it is dripping with funky boho jewellery, belts and ethnic home wares. Art lovers can head straight to the Jardin Majorelle, owned by the late Yves Saint Laurent and incorporating the National Art Gallery in its grounds. However, it is the famous square, the Djemaa el Fna that will really get the juices flowing, at night it comes alive with food stalls piled high with Moroccan delicacies and tagines, story tellers, snake charmers and henna tattoo artists all jostling to get your attention.

Costa Rica

The exciting destination of Costa Rica offers breathtaking natural beauty with stunning beaches, vibrantly coloured wildlife, lush natural parks and incredible cloud forests contrasted with mighty volcanoes, bubbling mud pits and cascading waterfalls. The country is also renowned for great surfing conditions which help draw in celebrities including Giselle, Mel Gibson (who owns a house here), Pink and her on/off husband Carey Hart and even Heidi and Spencer from reality show, The Hills.

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