Travel to Ireland for St Patrick's Day

Posted on: 18 February 2010 by Mark O'haire

No plans for St. Patrick's Day? Want to do something different? Leave your local this year, and have a pint of Guinness in a real Irish Pub - in Ireland!

Whether it's a quick jaunt over from England, or a long trip from worldwide to discover the truth behind your "Kiss me, I'm Irish" T-shirt, a vacation in Ireland is always worthwhile. Try travelling for St Patrick's Day, when you'll only pay low season prices, but you'll get the best party of the year.

Travelling to Ireland

With budget airlines competing for low prices, it might be cheaper to fly to Ireland from the UK than to take a taxi to the town centre. A return ticket from East Midlands to Dublin currently costs about £30, and you can get to the more remote airports, like Knock, for less than £10 from Ryanair. Check online regularly for deals like this - the sales come and go quickly, but there's always a good deal out there.

Remember that these airlines will often charge for extras, so you might need to be a bit canny to keep the price down. You can save money by not checking any baggage, or by using a debit card rather than a credit card to pay for your tickets online.

Flights by Ryanair and other discount airlines leave from many European hubs, making connections easy for international visitors as well. Remember to think about destinations in Ireland other than Dublin - smaller airports are often much less expensive to fly into.

March weather in Ireland

The weather in Ireland is even more unpredictable than it is in the rest of the UK. Proximity to the Atlantic Ocean means that the skies can change quickly and dramatically. This doesn't need to put a damper on your holiday, though, just make sure you come equipped. Waterproofs coats and warm layers are essential, though you can always hope you won't have to use them.

Getting around Ireland

Like anywhere in the world, Irish cities have good public transportation systems. The rural areas, though, have fewer transport links. If you are flying into Knock, for example, it is probably worth hiring a car. Major rental companies are all based at the airports, making pick-ups and drop-offs quick and easy.

Hiring a car gives you the ability to explore the countryside more widely, travelling between towns and opening up many more options for accommodation.

Where to stay in Ireland

Lavish country houses, sumptuous castles, modern boutique hotels and warm, welcoming B&Bs – wherever you want to stay, Ireland has a spot to suit. Search the internet to find the best place to stay that will suit your needs.

What to do on St Patrick's Day

Does this need explanation? Aside from the obvious, which is to drink real Guinness at a real Irish pub surrounded by people, there are many things to do in Ireland on St Patrick's Day.

One of them, however, is not driving through a small town center mid-afternoon. Most towns and villages host a St Patrick's Day Parade which brings the whole area to a standstill. The floats are an ecclectic and entertaining homage to all the interpretations of what it means to be Irish, bringing out the best of small town cameraderie even in the larger centers. So don't try to drive by. Stop a while and watch the world go by, relaxing at the heart of a world-wide party.

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