Valentine's Day: Gifts from the heart!

Posted on: 01 February 2011 by Rhian Mainwaring

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the one you love how much they mean to you. Let us show you how!

That doesn’t mean forking out loads of cash, or thinking up some ridiculously elaborate gesture though. It just means thinking sensibly about what your partner would like. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together some thoughtful gift ideas, which should get you lots of brownie points!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Bespoke Canvas If you’re not much of a wordsmith then say it with a photograph. Whether it’s an image from your past or present, of yourselves, your children or a special landscape, if it’s a special memory for your partner then they’ll love it! Have your photograph put onto a canvas, arrange a series of images in a frame or create a photo album of treasured memories.

Bespoke canvas from Edgy Images, prices start at £25

A million love songs

Create a playlist, or burn a CD with all of your partner's favourite songs. Let them think that the surprise is a special meal at home, thrn hand them the gift before dinner providing a romantic sound track to the evening.

Go on the perfect date

Listen out for hints over the next coming weeks. No doubt your partner will be dropping a few! Perhaps they love dancing, or they haven’t stopped talking about a film that’s out, or maybe they’re a big art lover. Look out for deals for cinema tickets, or exhibitions opening up that you can surprise your loved one with. Doing something completely different or even out of your normal comfort zone is so romantic!

If you can’t stand the heat – get in the kitchen

Chocolate is the food of love, so why not don your chef’s hat and rustle up something special? Anything with chocolate inside or that's heart-shaped should do the trick – and who knows where it might end up! 

You don’t need to fork out on a hotel

Hotel bedroomYou’ve got a perfectly good bedroom upstairs. Put some time aside to put on fresh bedding, flowers on the nightstand and petals on the bed and make your bathroom five star, with candles, bubbles and champagne. You don’t need to be in a five star hotel for some five star romance!

Do a good deed

If you’re really strapped for cash there’s a million ways you can show the one you love what they mean to you. If they’re going to be out for the day, surprise them with a clean house, or a fresh pile of ironed laundry. If there’s something that’s really stressing them out, then take care of it. The problem be as easy as getting an extension on your electricity bill – but stress is a libido buster, so remove that and it might not be the only thing you’ll be removing on Valentine’s Day!

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