Video: Get Ready For The Great British Staycation

Posted on: 09 April 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

2009 is set to be a bumper year for holidaying in the UK. See why in this travel video featuring Sean Williamson, Cheryl Baker and Sally Gunnell.


The Caravan Club is reporting advanced bookings for 2009 that are up by 40% on 2008. A massive 50,623 bookings were made in five days alone during December with Club members planning and booking their holidays for 2009.

When you consider that the number of visits abroad by UK residents was down by 6% for the three month period between August and October 2008, it’s easy to see why the “Great Escape” is becoming the “Great British Staycation”

The statistics also show that although 90% of British people claim to be saving money in this tough economic climate, few plan to cut back on holidays. In light of the decrease in overseas visits, this suggests that Brits are still holidaying, but doing so without leaving the British Isles.

This video explores the phenomenon in more depth, and also has the opinion of some celebrity caravanners.



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