Video: When Are Women At Their Perfect Age?

Posted on: 03 July 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

As women spend over a year of their lives on their beauty routine - new research reveals when women are happiest.

New research released reveals that the age of 28 has been identified as the Perfect Age, when women feel most happy with their love life, self confidence and body shape. Not only do they believe they look their best, but their confidence peaks and they have the best sex!

The study of 25-65 year olds recorded the age at which women were most content in 12 key areas of their life. Research claimed that women are happiest in their career at 29 and one year later at 30, are happiest with their relationships, despite having the best sex at 28. But all is not lost for the over 30s, as women feel happiest with their financial situation at 33 and at ease with their home and family life at 32.

However it would seem that their happiness is relatively short-lived. By the time they have turned 30, they are increasingly worried about greying, thinning and unmanageable hair with 72% believing that ageing hair (defined as thinning, coarsening, greying) is most likely to reveal their age followed by wrinkles (67%).

Over half of UK women (56 %) worry about losing their looks as they get older and the average woman will spend around £600 every year on beauty products. Hair products account for half their weekly beauty spend costing up to £300 per year.

Corrine Sweet, broadcaster and pyschologist and celebrity colourist Gary Richardson discuss the perfect age for women and give tips on how to boost women’s self image.


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