Walking Holidays In The Carinthian Alps - In Pictures

Posted on: 21 May 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

See a selection of stunning images from the Carinthian Alps, in southern Austria.


At the western end of Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost and sunniest region, the river Gail carves its way down the Lesachtal, setting off on a long journey to join the Danube.

Walking In The Carinthian Alps

Click here to read about Edward Granville's walk through the stunning alpine scenery, in Austria’s southernmost and sunniest province – Carinthia.

The southern side of the valley is bounded by a range of dramatic limestone summits, which form the border with Italy (and were the scene of fierce fighting in WW1).

To the north are the Lienz Dolomites, a single massif of rocky pinnacles reaching 2600 metres. Austrians identify the isolated Lesachtal as their most old-fashioned valley, where traditional ways of life, and particularly farming, have survived for longest.

Around the small, hillside villages and farms the lush meadows are lovingly tended (in August you will see hay cut by hand). In the extensive areas of forest that surround these settlements the tall spruce mixes with larch and beech, and is the basis of the second part of the dual economy of Land und Forst.

Above the trees, the high alpine pastures – called alm here – are famously rich with wild-flowers; walking across these undulating grasslands, alongside the majestic peaks, is an invitation to the soul to sing!

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