What Are Britain's Quirkiest Collections?

Posted on: 30 April 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan and TV personality Angela Rippon introduce the five winners of Britain’s quirkiest collections.


How quirky is our country? We all know about stamps and coins; however there must be more unique collections out there?

Well that is indeed the case, and a recent national competition has confirmed the most unique collections across the UK.

From banana stickers to salt and pepper sets, you will not believe the quirky collector items that made the final five!

Furthermore, the five winners were joined by Ex-England Cricket Captain Michael Vaughan and T.V. presenter Angela Rippon, who also decided to get in on the act and share their quirky and, personal collections with the nation.

For further info about the competition and it’s winners: www.happysback.com.



About The Winners

Wild Wild West

Cowboys aren’t just a collection for 58-year-old Dennis Maskery, from Mansfield, it is more a way of life – he even dresses like a cowboy! 

As a young boy, afternoons spent watching Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy matinees instilled a life–long love of all things Western. He collects cowboy memorabilia from stage coaches to figurines, Wanted posters to life-size cardboard cut-outs and dresses in spurs, leather tasselled jacket, neckerchief and of course a Stetson.

Going Bananas

Margaret Archer, 64, from Bournemouth kept her pastime of collecting banana labels a secret from even her closet friends and sought compadres online. 

Having started with one Winnie-the-Pooh banana label Margaret now has nearly 4,000 in her collection after trading with other collectors across the globe.  Margaret is using her prize money to join her fellow collectors at a banana label convention in Munich later this year.

Hopping Mad

How Mary Halstead’s, 64, collection began is as quirky as the collection itself - she saw a concert by country music singer, Raymond "Froggie"Froggatt and was pulled up on stage and given a toy frog.

Ever since, green amphibians, of all shapes and sizes, have hopped into her house in St Helen’s and now feature in every single room! She has 3,000 plus, from scarves to earrings, cookies jars to socks, and they come from as far afield as Cuba and Australia.

A Seasoned Collector

It’s a good job that Christine’s collection is made up of small pieces as her salt & pepper sets rule the roost.  65-year-old Christine Edwards, from Burnley, has a collection that ranges from the novelty – Betty Boop, ocean liners and toilets! – to the themed, from fairy tales to farms and Noah’s Ark. The bathroom, of course, has salt and pepper boats. 

The retired teacher lovingly logs each individual piece in a student’s old exercise book.

Mr Bean

When Robin Sharp, 55, from Bury St Edmunds, cleared out his larder more than 20 years ago, it set in motion a chain of events that would lead him to have one of the world’s wackiest collections – baked bean labels. 

With a total of 354 labels, Robin’s ‘bean’ around the world in search of unique baked bean labels.

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