What to expect with over 50’s dating

Posted on: 29 December 2009 by Mark O'haire

Life doesn’t end at 50, though some people seem to think it does.

All the birthdays with a zero on the end tend to be a bit traumatic, and 50 is no exception. The previous one with a zero on the end was bad enough, but turning 40 is overrated, and turning 50 is a bit of a challenge to overcome.

Relationships over 50 are no big deal

Young people tend to think that older people can’t possibly be interested in romance and things like that. Nothing is further from the truth! Just because your body is no longer as slim, firm and smooth as it once was, doesn’t mean that your mind has deteriorated too. People don’t age mentally anywhere near as fast as their bodies do. A man or woman of 50 or more can easily still be in their early 20s mentally. It’s true, so dating over 50 is not at all such a big deal really.

Have fun and enjoy yourself

The first thing to expect with over 50s dating is fun. Life can be fun at any age and it should be too. Go out and date expecting to have fun regardless of what age you are and you’ll find fun too. Don’t be all serious just because society seems to expect older people to be that way. Whoever said that older people were supposed to be more serious anyway? Expect to have fun and you will!

If you are a man who is over 50 and who is starting to date again, don’t go out looking for a teenager. You won’t find one, and if you do, ask yourself what kind of a teenage girl really wants to go out with a man over 50. It isn’t the natural way of things. Yes, it does happen, but it rarely works out. The man is simply stroking his ego and she is probably seeing bank notes before her eyes. Love? Maybe…

Avoid the trophy girlfriend

If you are a woman who is over 50 and who is starting to date again, don’t try to look like a teenager. You can’t do it, no matter how hard you try. Be yourself. You are, or you should be, looking for someone who appreciates you for what you really are. Be that person and be proud of being that person. Don’t dress up in clothes that used to look good 20 years ago either. By all means try to look your best, but as someone who is the age you are. The more comfortable you are with your age, the better the experience you will have.

Leave all you accumulated baggage behind you when you go out on a date. Over 50s dating has its own problems to overcome without all your years of baggage making it worse. Don’t mention your ex, or your late husband or wife unless there’s a good reason. That was another life, so live in the present one. Your children are another matter. They are there, so don’t ignore them, but don’t push them too hard as a topic of conversation either.

And finally, no matter what aches and pains you might have, over 50s dating will be so much the better if you don’t mention it. No one wants to have arthritis or whatever, but no one wants to hear about it either. Come over as healthy as you can, even if you aren’t. It will make your over 50s dating experience so much better.

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