Would You Bare All In A Bikini?

Posted on: 29 July 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Have those beach photos of Helen Mirren inspired or disheartened you?

Pictures of Helen Mirren at her holiday home on the Italian coast have been splashed all over the newspapers and glossy magazines recently. Just days away from her 63rd birthday and sporting a bright red bikini, the actress' honed body puts many younger women's figures in the shade.

Are you pleased to see a woman in her 60s on the front page, looking amazing and confident about her body? Is it about time that gorgeous women other than 20-somethings appeared regularly in the press?

Or do such photos pile more pressure on ordinary women, whatever their age? Most of us don't have a career that allows us the money and time to enhance and maintain our looks. We may have had children. Are such images encouraging women to harbour an unrealistic idea of how they 'should' look? Would you rather be left in peace to 'let it go'?

Are you happy to bare all in a bikini, or do you never dare to venture onto the beach without a sarong or shirt and shorts?

Should we exercise rigorously and try to hold back the years, or accept our ageing bodies, with any cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles?

You can let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or discuss the issue with others in the 50connect Forum.

You can see the photo at: www.examiner.com/images/blog/wysiwyg/image/helenhotness1.jpg

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