How To Pass Your M.O.T.

Posted on: 11 September 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Around one in three vehicles fail the annual MOT, so ensure yours isn't one of them with our advice.

Around one in three vehicles fail the annual MOT, according to VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Service Agency), the Government body responsible for overseeing MOT centre activities.

Motorists can ensure a first time MOT pass and avoid non-required repairs by carrying out basic preparation before their MOT suggests a new report.

CarParts Direct claim most vehicles that fail their MOT do so because the owners do not carry out simple checks or procedures. They also believe motorists leave themselves at risk of having vehicle repairs carried out by not having a basic understanding of vehicle maintenance.

“Something as simple as revving the engine before parking up for an MOT or adding injector cleaner to the fuel can be enough to help ensure a vehicle passes the MOT Emissions test - it’s things like this that motorists can overlook,” explains Mark Cornwall of Car Parts Direct, who has thirty years experience in the motoring Industry.

Cornwall also claims some rogue mechanics see females as an easier target and are more likely to find additional work at MOT time. A survey carried out by the company found women’s cars are 11 per cent more likely to fail an MOT than those of a male driver.

Car Parts Direct recommends motorists should leave an MOT check list on the passenger seat of their vehicle when going for an MOT. Using an MOT Station where vehicle repairs are not carried out could also increase the chances of passing the MOT first time.

Motorists are also advised to check the price of parts before being persuaded to have an MOT failure repair carried out.

“Some garages will offer a very low labour rate and then overcharge for supplying the parts to do the job, so it’s always worth shopping around or asking the garage if you can supply your own parts,” Cornwall suggests.

“Whilst the majority of garages are run by honest hard working people it’s unfortunate that garages still remain in the top ten of complaints to the trading standards office. I would always advise going to a garage that is personally recommended to play safe.”

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