Petrol Tax Protest In London

Posted on: 23 May 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Motorists are being warned of disruption in London on 27th May due to a fuel duty demonstration.

Transport for London (TfL) is warning motorists that part of the A40 London-bound carriageway will be closed on 27th May between 10am and 3pm due to a planned fuel duty protest being held at Marble Arch.

Following consultation with the Metropolitan Police, the London-bound carriageway, between White City and Edgware Road, will be closed as protestors use it to park their HGVs and other large vehicles while they attend the central London rally. The decision to close the carriageway was made jointly to avoid any potential major traffic disruption in central London.

The A40 will be closed from the Northern Roundabout (junction of A40 and A3220 West Cross Route) to the junction with the A5 Edgware Road. The westbound carriageway, going out of London, will remain open.

London-bound traffic will be diverted onto the A3220 West Cross Route, however motorists are advised to find other alternative routes, including public transport, to avoid any unnecessary disruption to their journey. Warning signs will be displayed on the major roads leading up to the affected areas, including the M40 and M25 and TfL will work with the Police to manage traffic on the day.

The road will be re-opened in the early afternoon to ensure it is clear in time for evening peak traffic.

The A40 Westway is part of a free route through the Congestion Charging zone. Drivers who enter the zone because of the diversions in place on this day should leave it as soon as possible by the nearest available exit. Transport for London makes every effort to ensure that penalty charge notices are not issued as a result of a diversion but should motorists receive a penalty charge they can appeal it by following the instructions on the notice.

While the protest is being organised by British hauliers, with the price of oil hitting record levels and petrol prices exceeding £1.10 per litre, this issue affects all drivers - a poll shows two thirds of Brits fear they won't be able to cope if fuel prices continue to rise.

"Brits are being stretched to breaking point as our poll of users shows," says Tim Moss, head of debt at price comparison site "Rising fuel prices are a massive issue right now, in much the same way as they were during the fuel protests of eight years ago."

Things are set to get worse, according to, the independent price comparison and switching service. Petrol prices are predicted to reach their highest ever level at £1.50 per litre by 2009, meaning motorists pulling onto forecourts will be forking out £84 on average to fill up their cars. Consumers will be facing annual petrol bills of £2,637 a year - 14 per cent of the average net salary in the UK of £19,167.98. The Government will reap 63 per cent of the pump price through duty and VAT.

Though it may seem that we are powerless to control the amount of tax the Government reaps from petrol, perhaps protests such as this will show the Government that cynical attempts to exploit the green issue and keep on squeezing money out of drivers won't wash.

Moss says, "Leading economists have been telling the Government it can afford to drop the price of petrol by nine pence per litre without having any effect on its bottom line."

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For more detail on the road closures, and for up to date information on traffic in London, call the TfL traffic line on 020 7222 1234, log on to Traffic News or tune into Traffic Radio on DAB digital radio.

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