‘Don’t worry – it’s only the taxpayer’s money!’

Posted on: 05 March 2010 by Mark O'haire

How can Gordon Brown lay claim to being a prudent and fair man? Figures detailing massive departmental overspending and wanton waste are truly unbelievable and sadly we, as a nation, seem to accept it.

What has the Ministry of Defence and Defra (Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) got in common? Well they really know how to piss taxpayer’s money up against a wall!

Whose money – well yours of course! One news item and a Radio 4 programme opened my eyes and enraged me to new levels! The wanton waste is truly unbelievable and sadly we, as a nation, seem to accept it with the resignation of lambs going to slaughter. The so-called custodians of our safety and taxes – the government and the civil service – seem to be incompetent to previously unattained level.

First the Ministry of Defence – apparently they have ‘overspent their budget’ by a staggering £24 billion (£24,000,000,000!) which is about £1,000 per taxpayer in the UK. Bad housekeeping is one thing but this goes beyond belief. One project for a new military truck has been in development for 18 years and there is still no sight of the vehicle.

Defra on the other hand has spent so much money on a new computer, to administer farm subsidies that one MP commented that it would have been cheaper just to send a cheque to each of the 100,000 farmers for £200,000 and forget about the computer system. Cost in excess of £20 billion.

I wonder where the civil service finds the managers that allow these blunders to happen – is there a special school to train incompetence? If these people were in business or industry they would be fired long before they had the chance to make such stupid mistakes.

Why do Ministers do nothing to stop these cock-ups? The answer is simple – very few of them have any ‘real’ world experience and get fobbed off by the civil servants. These Ministries need a total clean out and some really tough negotiators brought in to protect our taxes. MPs should need to prove to their constituencies that they have valuable experience to bring to representing them and they are not just ‘career politicians’.

How can Mr Brown lay claim to being a prudent and fair man? There is no prudence in his government and it is far from fair on the taxpayer and pensioners in this country! He’s had 13 years to tackle these problems and nothing has happened to staunch this waste. Why do we think it will be any different if he is re-elected? It won’t it will be more cronyism, more initiative and more social clap-trap and platitudes.

Move over and make way for some new ideas and energies!

By Tony Page

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