50connect Announced As Top Website Globally

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50connect announced as the UK’s top website for the over 50s.

For Immediate Release: 30th August 2004

• 50connect announced as the UK’s top website for the over 50s.

• 50% more traffic than Saga.co.uk.

Mature website www.50connect.co.uk continues its rapid rate of expansion with the announcement that it is now ranked among the top 25,000 most popular websites in the world according to the latest figures available from the Amazon run Alexa toolbar.

In the period May - August 2004 50connect’s placing on the toolbar increased by 10,000 places, consolidating the site’s position as the UK’s number one site specifically for the over 50s.

50connect’s nearest online competitor, www.saga.co.uk trailed behind 50connect by some 14,000 placings, despite having the full financial resources of the over 50s insurance and magazine company behind it.

Managing Director and founder of 50connect, Philip Cooper comments; “The Alexa toolbar results reflect what we at 50connect have known for quite sometime - our traffic figures are increasing exponentially month on month.

“What is interesting about these results is that many of the websites ranking lower than us on Alexa are either brand names with a considerable offline presence, or websites with considerable financial backing from elsewhere.”

50connect is unique in that it has become successful with no financial backing from an offline presence.

“We are 100% dependent on internet traffic for all of our operating costs,” continues Philip Cooper.

“The quality of our content continues to encourage more people to 50connect and because of this advertisers know their campaigns on 50connect will succeed.”

With the number of over 50s likely to grow considerably by 2020 Philip Cooper believes that 50connect is on a firm business footing for the future.

“We have survived the initial start-up phase, where most new media companies go wrong, and now we are looking forward to a positive future,” concluded Mr. Cooper.

Philip Cooper, Managing Director and Founder of 50connect is available for interview.

Contact Dale Lovell on 01753 850606 to arrange an interview.


50connect ranked higher than a number of leading websites, including:

The Daily Express - www.express.co.uk - 64,600

The Sunday People www.people.co.uk - 46,992

The Sunday Mirror www.sundaymirror.co.uk - 33,649

Waitrose.com www.waitrose.com - 55,178

Lateescapes.com www.lateescapes.com - 310,688

GMTV.co.uk www.gmtv.co.uk - 43,276

Newwoman.co.uk www.newwoman.co.uk - 47,637

Goodhousekeeping.co.uk www.goodhousekeeping.co.uk - 271,151

With 902,000 monthly users, 50connect offers the most significant research point for attitudes of the over 45s.

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