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Latest statistics show considerable growth in visitors to www.50connect.co.uk.

Latest statistics show considerable growth in visitors to www.50connect.co.uk.

50connect.co.uk, the popular website for the over 50s has increased the number of visitors to the site by 26,000 unique users per month since October 2004.

From the period October 2004 - January 2005 the number of unique visitors to 50connect.co.uk increased from 921,000 unique visitors a month to 947,000.

During the same period the number of people opting in to receive 50connect newsletters increased from 123,000 in October 2004 to 129,715 in January 2005.

50connect believe the site’s continued success can be attributed to the fact that content and advertising on the site invariably compliment one another.

“The most successful campaigns on 50connect, such as the recent Udate and 1901 Census campaigns have tended to compliment, rather than contradict, our editorial content,” comments Julia Green, Sales Director of 50connect.

A new monthly travel newsletter, specialising on a different destination each month, as well as new genealogy newsletter, 50connect believe, has contributed to the site’s continued growth and appeal.

“We will be launching a number of new initiatives throughout 2005,” continues Ms. Green. “Our target is to achieve 1 million unique users a month by July 2005.”

50connect.co.uk is the leading online portal for the over 45s. With 947,000 monthly users, 50connect offers the most significant research point for attitudes of today’s over 45s.

Contact: Dale Lovell
Telephone: 01753 850606
Email: dlovell@50connect.com

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