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Let down by Labour? Confused by the Conservatives? Lost by the Liberals?

For Immediate Release: 21st March 2005

Let down by Labour? Confused by the Conservatives? Lost by the Liberals?

If the General Election, rumoured to be held on 5th May, already has you overwhelmed with apathy by the antics of Westminster politicians, the popular web portal, 50connect, has an Election Alternative.

50connect are looking for nominations to find the nation’s ideal Prime Ministerial candidate.

“Nominees can come from all walks of celebrity life - authors, actors, musicians, politicians, sports stars, television presenters - if you think they deserve to be the Alternative Prime Minister 2005, we want your nominations,” comments Dale Lovell of 50connect.

“It will be interesting to see who the nation picks as their ideal Prime Ministerial candidate and we anticipate a considerable number of nominations.”

Nominations are open until Monday 4th April 2005, after which time voting for the candidates will begin until the winner is announced on Friday 6th May 2005.

To nominate your favourite candidate visit: http://web.archive.org/web/20051120173436/http://www.50connect.co.uk/electionalternative 

Or alternatively email: electionnominations@50connect.co.uk

Dale Lovell, spokesperson for 50connect, is available for interview. Call 01753 850606 to arrange an interview.


50connect is the UK’s largest website for the over 45s with 947,000 unique monthly users.

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