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Let down by Labour? Confused by the Conservatives? Lost by the Liberals?

For Immediate Release: 20th July 2003

Leading mature web portal 50connect.co.uk has launched a campaign to discover who the Nation would choose as the British President of Europe.

Although the likelihood of a European super-state may be some time away, if elections were called tomorrow, 50connect.co.uk believes candidates for the role of European President would be drawn from the more senior members of British society. Potential candidates for president include; current Prime Minister Tony Blair, Mo Mowlam and the BBC’s World Affairs Correspondent John Simpson.

Commenting on the survey, Dale Lovell Features Editor of 50connect.co.uk, said, “We took a great deal of time and effort in deciding on likely candidates who were popular enough in the UK to draw the support needed to be the British nomination for European President. The twelve candidates nominated come from the worlds of politics, business, film and television and are all phenomenally successful in their chosen fields. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in the contest.”

Alongside likely candidates from politicians, 50connect.co.uk has also included a number of unlikely candidates too. These include breakfast time favourite Terry Wogan - “His experience of hosting Eurovision each year would make the European Parliament a piece of cake in comparison,” commented Dale Lovell.

Joanna Lumley - “She is a seasoned campaigner and charity worker with a massive fan base. Her conservative upbringing might also prove influential in persuading some anti-Europe Tories to vote.”

Billy Connolly - “His shrewd wit and political knowledge would prove decisive in winning votes. His fondness of the States and dying his beard purple may prove a disadvantage however.”

Anthony Hopkins - He recently campaigned to buy Snowdon National Park in his native Wales, and has played the part of a President (Nixon!) in the past. His ability to scare fellow members of the E.U. by the mere mention of chianti would be a great asset at the debating table.

50connect.co.uk intend running the survey online until 1st June 2003, to discover who the public think would be the best person within the British Isles to become President of European.

The 12 candidates for President of Europe are:

  1. Terry Wogan
  2. John Simpson
  3. Anthony Hopkins
  4. Richard Branson
  5. Tony Blair
  6. Billy Connolly
  7. Paul McCartney
  8. Anne Robinson
  9. Joanna Lumley
  10. Alan Titchmarsh
  11. David Attenborough
  12. Mo Mowlam

For more information contact Dale Lovell on 01753 850606 or email: dlovell@50connect.com

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