50connect Launch Nationwide Fifty And Fantastic Competition

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WANTED: secrets of youthful appearance. Over 50s internet portal on the trail of 50-60 year olds who look 10-20 years younger.

For Immediate Release: 28th August 2004

Men and women in their fifties, who manage to look ten to twenty years younger, are wanted by www.50connect.co.uk, the UK’s largest website for the over 45s. The website hopes to discover the secrets of their youthful appearance to pass on to others.

"Throughout the country there are growing numbers of 50 to 60 year olds, and older, who could pass for someone in their 30s or 40s," says Dale Lovell of 50connect.

“These are people who have not had the benefit of cosmetic surgery, don’t wear wigs and hair pieces, and don’t over-do the make-up. They just naturally look fantastic.”

50connect, which has over 900,000 visitors to the site each month, believes there may be a common link between the fantastic 50 year olds and their youthful appearance and hopes to compare lifestyles and backgrounds, and to pick up any special tips they may wish to pass on.

“It could be a question of diet and exercise, or it may be about life style, attitudes to living, and a mental approach to looking good,” continues Lovell. “There are bound to be some common links among people who manage to look fantastic as they approach retirement.”

50connect are urging people who know somebody who looks fantastic at 50+ or who are, themselves, people who fit into the category, to contact them by e-mailing a recent photograph to: fiftyandfantastic@50connect.co.uk.

Those chosen by the judges as the person who looks the best at 50+ will win a fabulous beauty hamper for their efforts, as well as the opportunity to share their beauty secrets with the rest of the country.

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