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A couple has been reunited with lost relatives after more than 50 years thanks to www.50connect.co.uk.

For Immediate Release: 20th January 2005
A couple has been reunited with lost relatives after more than 50 years thanks to www.50connect.co.uk.

Pete and Margaret Saunders, from Northamptonshire, had been tracing Margaret’s family line on her father’s side sporadically for quite sometime before coming across the 50connect website.

Margaret’s father, Otto Faupel, of German descent but from North London, lost touch with his family over the years. It was only after Peter, Margaret’s husband, placed the request - ‘Any one out there who could be related to Otto Faupel who lived in North London,’ on the 50connect message boards that the pair received any success in their search.

On Christmas Eve 2004 a Mr Andrew Faupel from Chatham got in touch with the couple via the 50connect message boards to let them know that Otto was his great uncle. Andrew’s grandfather William was Otto’s brother. Margaret last spoke to Andrew’s father more than 50 years ago when she was a child. A family reunion is planned for sometime in 2005.

In light of the couple’s success, 50connect are encouraging anyone researching their family tree or hoping to contact relatives with whom they have lost touch with to use the 50connect message boards. 

“50connect is certainly one way of trying to find lost relations,” says Peter. “We are very pleased by the results of our enquiry.”

Philip Cooper of 50connect says, “We have nearly a million visitors to the site each month and unlike some websites like Friends Reunited our message boards are entirely free. We have already successfully reunited one family and we look forward to reuniting other long lost relations.”


50connect has a comprehensive Genealogy section for those beginning research into their family tree: http://web.archive.org/web/20051120064758/http://www.50connect.co.uk/50c/16.asp

Post your message on the 50connect Message Forums: http://web.archive.org/web/20051120064758/http://www.50connect.co.uk/forums

50connect.co.uk is the leading online portal for the over 45s. With 947,000 monthly users, 50connect offers the most significant research point for attitudes of today’s over 45s.

For more information contact Dale Lovell on 01753 850606 or email dlovell@50connect.com 

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