Adopt A Pet

Posted on: 30 May 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Adopt A Pet

Due to the overwhelming number of comments from 50connectreaders wanting pets or seeking a new home for their animals, we have added an Adopt A Pet area to our forum. We would encourage and advise anyone seeking a pet or looking to rehome an animal, to contact one of the charities listed, or look in the telephone directory for their local animal rescue centre. Remember that adopting a pet is a serious responsibility.

Remember, members use the forum at their own risk. Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting or meeting another member. Remember to avoid posting personal details, you can contact other forum users via the private messaging facility. By participating, you agree to hold neither forum owners and moderators, nor anyone affiliated with 50connect responsible or liable for any circumstance resulting from a forum-related pet exchange or communication.

Before posting, please read the Forums Operating Rules.

For a user guide, visit Forums: A User Guide.

Visit the Adopt A Pet forum.

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