Adopt A Pet August 2008

Posted on: 04 August 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

If you are planning to get a pet why not help an animal in need and give a home to a cat or dog from a rescue centre?

If you want to know about other animals available for rehoming you can contact the charities at the end of this page.

This Month's Pets Who Need Homes

Patch white & tortie cat
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Lucy is a very sweet natured cat. She is aged 14 years, so a quieter home would be ideal for her, with the opportunity for plenty of cuddles.

Location: Bedford, Biggleswade & District Cats Protection
Contact: If you would like to offer Lucy a new home, please contact Bedford, Biggleswade & District Cats Protection on 08442 496 911.

SukiTillySuki & Tilly
Black & white cat
Age: 12 & 14
Gender: Female

Suki and Tilly are mother and daughter. Both cats are very affectionate. Suki can be a little bit shy initially, but will soon make friends. It would be great if they could find a home together, but they would also be happy going their separate ways if needs be. A home without dogs or younger children would be lovely.

Location: Hertfordshire
Contact: If you would like to offer Suki and/or Tilly a new home, please call the Hertford Cats Protection Adoption Centre, on 01438 228877.

Terrier / Corgi cross
Age: 3
Gender: Male

Connor is a three year old male neutered Terrier cross that came into Battersea Dogs & Cats Home as a stray. An aloof individual that is fairly circumspect with his initial interactions, he becomes interactive and affectionate once a bond is formed. Connor has a unique and quirky personality and will make a fabulous companion for the right owners. He is a typical Terrier that prefers things done at his own pace and would definitely thrive in a calm routine based environment.

Connor is looking for a quiet household with an enclosed, secure garden in a semi rural to rural environment. He will need to be an only dog and ideally his new owners will have owned Terrier or Corgi types before.

Location: Battersea
Contact: If you feel you can offer Connor a loving home please call Battersea Dogs & Cats Home's Rehoming team on 020 7627 7884 or email and quote reference 07/03762. If you live outside London you can register online at

OliverPeteOliver & Pete
Black cats
Age: 6-8 months
Gender: Male

Have you got a lively home with some cat-friendly children, plenty of space and a large, secure garden where it would be impossible for a cat to get onto a road? If so, Pete and Oliver would like to come to live with you and to turn your world upside down. The terrible twins are into everything and are almost completely fearless, which means that they really do need a home where they are going to be as safe as possible from the dangers of outside without them being indoor cats.

They will bring much laughter and happiness to their new home and once they have worn themselves out you might even get them to sit with you for some sleepy strokes, but at this age they are far more interested in tearing around, stealing food and generally behaving like cheeky little boys.

Location: Battersea
Contact: If you think you can cope with what will amount to a friendly feline invasion, contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home quoting reference 08/90802 and 90803 on 020 7627 9234 or email If you live outside London you can register online at

Silver & white cat
Age: 10
Gender: Male

Dennis is very fond of cuddles and home comforts. He is also happy to share a new home with other cats and dogs; he is a very sociable chap. He’s not too sure about younger children, but he would make an excellent companion. Dennis has recently had corrective surgery on his eyelid, so he is now desperately seeking a caring new home, where he will receive a bit of tender loving care.

Location: Worcester
Contact: If you would like to offer Dennis a new home, please call the Worcester & District Branch on 08702 408 071.

Tabby cat
Age: 7
Gender: Female

Ronnie is a gentle tabby, who enjoys being in the company of mature people. She is desperately in need of a new home, where she will be really well looked after and given the right amount of time and space to develop her confidence and shine.

Location: Weston-Super-Mare & District

Contact: If you would like to offer Ronnie a new home, please call the Weston-Super-Mare Branch on 08453 712 066.

Black German Shepherd
Age: 2 years & 2 months
Gender: Male

Claude is a handsome dog who unfortunately is a return adoption due a change in his owner's circumstances.

Claude enjoys a good game of ball in the paddock and cuddles. He does require some basic training like walking well on a lead as he can be quite strong! He can also be a bit boisterous when meeting new people and will jump up to say hello. Claude is quite a sensitive chap who will need understanding owners that will give him structured cuddle time as he does have the potential to be a clingy dog that could over-bond with new owners.

Claude would be best as an only pet and would be suitable to live with older sensible children. He could be left for 3 to 4 hours, this may need to be built up gradually.

Location: Lewknor
Contact: If you are interested in giving this lovely boy a home please ask a member of staff for more information at the Lewknor Centre on 01844 355293 or see

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