Adopt A Pet July 2008

Posted on: 01 July 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

If you are planning to get a pet why not help an animal in need and give a home to a cat or dog from a rescue centre?

If you want to know about other animals available for rehoming you can contact the charities at the end of this page.

This Month's Pets Who Need Homes

Ginger & white cat
Age: 10
Gender: Male

Gizmo is a 10-year-old male ginger and white cat looking for a new home as his previous owner passed away. He would need some time to adjust to his new owner but he loves being outdoors and would prefer no children or other pets.

Location: Sussex
Contact: If you would like to offer Gizmo a new home, please contact Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre on 08707 708 650.

Black & white cat
Age: 14
Gender: Male

14 year old Murphy is an independent, long-haired cat. He is looking for a new home with children, other pets, a secure garden and a cosy lap to sit on.

Location: Sussex
Contact: If you would like to offer Murphy a new home, please contact Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre on 08707 708 650.

Age: 6-12 months
Gender: Male

Latte is a sensitive, inquisitive, affectionate and fun lad who could live with another dog or even a cat. Because he’s sensitive, he needs owners who are willing to let him build up his confidence at his own pace and won’t push him in to being friends. He could live in a home with sensible teenagers, as long as they gave him time to settle, but he wouldn’t flourish around young children. He would also like to live out of a city but surburbia would be fine, as long as he has a garden. Owners with experience of the breed would be beneficial but not essential but they will need to be around most of the day. Understanding and a gentle approach are what Latte needs and he will be a loving companion in return.

Location: Battersea
Contact: If you think you can provide Latte with the right home, please register by visiting Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, London, or call their rehoming line for further details on 020 7627 9234 or email, quoting reference 08/02953. If you live outside London, you can also apply online at

Black & white cat
Age: 5
Gender: Male

Jaz may not be the most handsome cat in the world, due to a disfiguration of his upper lip, but he is a most amusing fellow. We love to watch him annoying some of his enemies in the lower pens by rolling round on his back right in front of their windows while they grumble and growl and swipe helplessly at the glass. Then he swaggers off, tail high, and you could swear that he is smiling.

Jaz is a big, friendly boy, who prefers human company to that of his fellow felines; in fact he should probably live in an area with not too many other cats around. He can live with children aged eight and above and he must have access to a garden once settled.

Location: Battersea
Contact: If you like the look of Jaz, please come in to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, London to register, call their rehoming team on 020 7627 9234 or email:, quoting reference 08/90535. If you live outside London, you can also apply online at

LolaMiloMilo & Lola
Tabby cats
Age: Older
Gender: Male

This older pair, Milo and Lola, are in desperate need of a new home. They love to receive lots of attention and will require regular brushing to maintain their beautiful appearances. They ideally need a quiet, adult-only home with a secure garden.

Location: Sussex
Contact: If you would like to offer Milo and Lola a lovely new home, please contact Cats Protection’s Crawley, Reigate & District Branch on 0845 3712 734.

MitziSparkySparky & Mitzi
Tabby cats
Age: 17
Gender: Female & Male

Friendly Sparky and Mitzi are 17 year old cats who have been together all their lives.  Sadly their owner died and they are now looking for quiet new home together. They are both very content, indoor cats, and would be excellent company.

Location: North Ayrshire
Contact: If you would like to offer Sparky and Mitzi the new home they deserve, please contact Cats Protection’s North Ayrshire Branch on 0845 371 4218.

Black & white medium mongrel
Age: 2 years & 8 months
Gender: Male

Pablo is an energetic young dog with bags of character. He is looking for a home where new owners will be able to carry on with the further training he is recieving here at the centre, and have the time and energy to realise his full potential. Pable would be best placed to a home with older children, with another dog, without cats or small pets, in a rural or semi rural location. Ideally Pablo should not be routinely left initially in his new home. Any time alone should be built up gradually to a maximum of 4 hours. Pablo is a great young dog with lots of potential. Pablo will make a fun addition to a training minded family.

Location: Tiverton
Contact: If you would like more information about this animal please contact the Blue Cross Tiverton centre on 01884 855291 or see

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