Adopt A Pet June 2008

Posted on: 30 May 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

If you are planning to get a pet why not help an animal in need and give a home to a cat or dog from a rescue centre?

If you want to know about other animals available for rehoming you can contact the charities at the end of this page.

This Month's Pets Who Need Homes

Tabby cat
Age: 5
Gender: Male

A cat who has a friendly personality and would love an equally friendly and loving owner to help him settle into a new home.

Location: Tenterden and District
Contact: If you can offer Whiskey the home he has been waiting for, please contact Cats Protection’s Tenterden and District Branch on 01797 366 379.

Black cat
Age: 3 and a half
Gender: Female

Mimi is a very affectionate cat.  She has special health requirements so would be best suited to a quiet, indoor home.

Location: Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre
Contact: If you would like to offer Mimi a new home, please contact the Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre on 08707 708 650.

Age: 4
Gender: Male

This gentle greyhound won no less than nine races under his professional name of Sudden Arrival but once his racing days were over, he found himself abandoned. Happily, four year old Sudsey is a joy to be around. He is polite, undemanding, yet very affectionate, and will make a wonderful family pet. Sudsey can live anywhere, providing he has a decent sized garden, and doesn’t need a lot of exercise. He could live with children over the age of 12, so long as they understand he needs peace and quiet, but would like to be the only pet in the household. Now his racing days are over, this gorgeous guy deserves to curl up in a loving home.

Location: London
Contact: If you think you can provide a loving home, please come down to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, London, to register or call their rehoming team on 020 7627 9234 or email, quoting reference 08/20378.

Black & white cat
Age: 1-2
Gender: Male

Henry is a sweet little boy who came to Battersea as a nervous, miserable lad but is now a much happier cat ready for a new home. Every day he is becoming more playful and responsive and it’s great to see him doing so well. He is looking for a calm, experienced, adult home with patient people who won’t rush him into being friends. He will take time to settle but once he feels confident, will make a loving pet to have around. He would like a garden but should not be let out until he’s had plenty of time to settle in and bond with his new owners.

Location: London
Contact: If you think that you could help Henry, please come in to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, London to register, call on 020 7627 9234 or email:, quoting reference 08/90350. If you live outside London, you can also apply online at

AprilApril & William
Ginger & white and black & white cats
Age: 10
Gender: Female & male 

Ginger and white April, and William who is black and white, are two lovable cats who the Cats Protection Mansfield Branch would like to rehome together.

Location: Mansfield
Contact: If you would like to offer April and William a home they have been waiting for, please call Cats Protection’s Mansfield & District Branch on 01623 845 846.

DanteDante & Enzo
Ginger & white cats
Age: 9
Gender: Male

Dante and Enzo are two loving and affectionate brothers who were left homeless after their owner passed away.  Ideally, the Branch would love to home them as a pair.

Location: Trafford
Contact: If you would like to give Dante and Enzo another chance to form a special relationship once again, please contact Cats Protection’s Trafford Branch on 01616 102 189.

Age: 6
Gender: Male

Floyd is a lovely Dalmatian who is looking for a quiet home to settle into. Blue Cross feel Floyd would be best placed in an adult only home this is due to his sensitive nature , he could be left for 4 hours maximum. Floyd could live with a cat who is confident and used to living with dogs. Blue Cross feel Floyd would need to be the only dog in the household , due to history and behaviour seen at the centre. Floyd is social with other dogs and would like to meet up with some doggy friends. Floyd is a friendly , playful dog with lots of energy. He is very intelligent and willing to learn. Floyd would provide a loving, fun addition to the right family.

Location: Tiverton
Contact: If you would like more information about this animal please contact the Blue Cross Tiverton centre on 01884 855291 or see

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