Adopt A Pet September 2008

Posted on: 02 September 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

If you are planning to get a pet why not help an animal in need and give a home to a cat or dog from a rescue centre?

If you want to know about other animals available for rehoming you can contact the charities at the end of this page.

This Month's Pets Who Need Homes

Tabby & white cat
Age: 9
Gender: Female

Berkleigh is an easy going and affectionate tabby cat. She is looking for a safe new home with a garden, where she can enjoy lying in the sun, and also a bit of tender loving care.

Location: St Neots & District
Contact: If you would like to offer Berkleigh a new home, please contact Cats Protection’s St Neots & District branch on 01480 476696.

White & Ginger cat
Age: 6
Gender: Male

Zak is a very gentle cat, who loves a bit of fuss. Once he gets to know you he is very affectionate. A loving home that has a securely enclosed garden would be perfect for Zak, where he can be the only cat on the prowl.

Location: North Herts
Contact: If you would like to offer Zak a new home, please contact Cat Protection’s North Hertfordshire branch on 01438 228 877.

American Bulldog
Age: 1-2
Gender: Female

Smashing Samba is a fantastic girl with a sensitive side.  She makes friends easily and once she has bonded with her new owners they will have a friend for life. Samba is looking for a calm home in a rural location where she has space to stretch her legs. 

As she can be a bit nervous sometimes, Samba is looking for a home without children. She would also benefit from further training with her new owners.

Location: Battersea
Contact: If you feel that you can offer this wonderful lady the new start in life she deserves please contact the Rehoming team on 020 7627 9234 or email Ref 08/03249. You can also register for rehoming online at

Oriental Shorthair cat
Age: 6
Gender: Male

Rhoo is a very affectionate cat who much prefers the company of people to that of his fellow felines. He is a charming chap and he takes every opportunity to come and say hello.

As Rhoo is uncomfortable around other cats he will need a home in an area with a low cat population so that he can settle in comfortably. For the same reason he must be the only cat in his new home.

Location: Battersea
Contact: If you feel that you can offer this loving boy the home of his dreams please contact the Rehoming Team on 020 7627 9234 or email Ref 08/50170. You can also register for rehoming online at

Ginger & white cat
Age: 5
Gender: Male

Napoleon is a cat that likes to explore - he loves the great outdoors! Napoleon is very chatty and sociable, he is used living with children, but would prefer to be the only pet about the house.

Location: Bedford, Biggleswade & District
Contact: If you would like to offer Napoleon a new home, please contact Cats Protection’s Bedford, Biggleswade & District branch on 08442 496 911

White cat
Age: 6
Gender: Male

Nero is an independent cat, who likes a bit of fuss now and again. He is looking for a quieter household, ideally without younger children. Nero is a very proud cat, who always takes pride in his appearance.

Location: Tenterden
Contact: If you would like to offer Nero a new home, please contact Cats Protection’s Tenterden & District branch on 01580 761 927

Tan & white medium mongrel
Age: 1 year & 11 months
Gender: Male

Scamp came into Blue Cross' centre as his owners were moving house. He is an energetic young boy who would benefit from someone who is at home for most the day who can help with his basic training. He can be quite a shy boy so would need someone who would take new situations very slowly with him.

He would be best suited to live with older children who could also help further his training. He could possibly live with another dog in his new home but Blue Cross would need to see how they got on at the centre first.

Location: Bromsgrove
Contact: If you feel you could help Scamp settle into a new home please get in touch. Ref 103278. If you would like more information about this animal please contact Bromsgrove centre directly on 0121 453 3130 and Blue Cross' staff will be happy to advise on this or other suitable matches. For other areas visit

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