Advice For Starting University

Posted on: 18 August 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

From budgeting tips to beating homesickness, what wisdom would you pass on to new students?

The cost of university is rising, and with the credit crunch, parents may be having to give up money they would have used for their pension to fund their children through university. So how do you ensure they make the best of the opportunity?

How much support would you give your children, financially and otherwise? Is it simply being a loving parent to get involved, or do you need to be 'cruel to be kind' as they will have to stand on their own two feet eventually? Would you give up your pension to send your children to university?

I would if I was convinced that is something they really wanted to do and needed to for a career, thankfully my 2 youngest didn't want it. Although Sarah did start art uni but found it wasn't for her. It's a difficult decision to make though. Savann on the Forum

If you're a parent whose child is about to begin a degree course, you may be wondering how to prepare them for the experience.

Many parents have been through this, so we want to know what money saving advice you would pass on to teenagers heading to university this September. Do you have any top budgeting tips for students?

Before forking out for student contents insurance, check the household insurance as cover is usually provided. But be aware of limits in the amount of cover. For most policies, cover for theft must involve "forcible or violent entry to or exit from a building". In student halls many people have access to and from the building. If your room was left unlocked whilst popping to a communal kitchen or bathroom and your possessions were stolen then cover would not be provided. Several ‘student possessions' policies designed for students in various types of accommodation are available through companies such as Endsleigh and Cover4Students.

If you are moving into a hall of residence, arrive early on the first day because if you turn up late everybody will have met already. Leave your room door open so people can say hello.


You can share your tips for students and any advice you have for parents, and join in the debate at the 50connect forum, or leave a comment below.

Of course it's not all about money. Making friends may be a worry when children first move away from home, as can coping with studying and exams. Having to do your own cooking and laundry can also come as a shock to the unprepared! What is the most important wisdom you would pass on?

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