All Living Under One Roof

Posted on: 07 April 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

If you want to move in with extended family or friends, now's your chance to be in a Channel 4 documentary.

Are you thinking of buying a dream house with your extended family or a big group of friends that you would otherwise not be able to afford?

Have you already found a place to buy? Or are you still looking?

Channel 4 is making a new series about multi-generational households. They're looking for large groups of families and/or friends who are hoping to pool resources in order to buy a large property in which to live together.

A move like this means you can live in an amazing house that you would otherwise not be able to afford on your own. It makes sense as things such as childcare, finances, working life and leisure time all become easier if they are shared. Perhaps you are grandparents or great grandparents thinking about retirement.

If this sounds like you, and you would like to hear more about a major new Channel 4 TV series that gives assistance to people like you, then please get in touch now.

Email or call Laura on or 020 7845 6885.

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