All we want is a strong, stable and legitimate government

Posted on: 09 May 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

A stable coalition government is imperative to UK hopes of avoiding the economic turmoil suffered by Greece. As the three main parties discuss options, can we expect to see a government which represents what we voted for?

So long as Nick Clegg doesn’t lose his bottle – or his principles - and David Cameron doesn’t think that once he’s in Downing Street he can forget the pledges and promises his team has painstakingly negotiated with the Liberal Democrats and the electorate, we may yet see a new style of government!

One thing is for sure, the spin doctors like Lord Mandelson and Alistair Campbell and their puppet masters Brown and Blair are yesterday’s men. Clegg and Cameron now have the responsibility to reverse some of Labour’s nonsensical decisions and laws.

First for consideration must be:

  • Economic migrants claiming sanctuary and then living on the state while their appeals are heard.
  • Families with incomes over £50,000 getting Family Tax Credits! 
  • Ending the war in Afghanistan, which is killing and maiming our young soldiers.
  • Paying Taliban militants taxpayers cash for them to lay down their weapons or switch sides.

Let’s hope they also take an axe to the cancerous political correctness, which permeates our society, and scrap some of the silly equalities laws that are nonsense in themselves – many, irreconcilable with each other.

As a nation we need to get our people back earning a living for themselves rather than scrounging off the taxpayer. Let’s have some form of National Service rather than have our youth living off benefits and spewing up after the pubs have called time.

There are many things good about Great Britain but the past 20 years have given us some really bad ones. For the sake of the UK, Cameron and Clegg must now bring about the sort of changes they campaigned for.

No matter what the agreement they come to, let’s not underestimate the difficulties we'll face.

We are facing the toughest economic environment since the war.  The Euro is in free fall and there is a strong risk that Spain and Portugal will need bailing out. Even US President, Barack Obama, is wary of what is happening in Europe – it could put his frail recovery at risk.

Both Lib Dem and Conservative party faithful have found the idea of power sharing difficult to swallow. But, as they were keen to keen to point out in their campaigns against Gordon Brown they only want to do 'what is good for the nation', now we will see how palatable they find the reality and whether they they can actually deliver on it.

Interesting times they are and anyone who looks to the future through rose tinted glasses should get themselves down to the opticians first thing Monday morning. The most pointed statement made during these power sharing discussions came from shadow foreign secretary, William Hague, who, taking aim at Number 10's current resident (squatter), said, talks would bring about a 'strong, stable and legitimate government'. Legitimate? Now there's a word for Gordon to ponder while he waits to learn what his fate will be.  

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