Andrew Loosely

Posted on: 04 February 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Andrew is the founder and director of the Healthwise Clinic of Natural Medicine.

Andrew Loosely

Columnist, author and practitioner of natural medicine.

Dip.CH, DCHAc (Beijing), MCMIR, Director of Chinese Medicine for Unified Register of Herbal Medicine (URHP)


Andrew is the founder and director of the Healthwise Clinic of Natural Medicine.

As the fifth generation in his family to use herbs, Andrew learnt about plants from his mother and grandparents in the south of Germany. Years later he went on to study Chinese medicine after his own experience of acupuncture.

He is a registered and qualified practitioner of acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage and all other aspects of Chinese medicine.

Andrew now spends a large part of his week working in the areas of gynaecology, fertility, skin disorders and general preventative medicine. The main clinic is based in Burnham Buckinghamshire with a specialised clinic in Harley Street, London for gynaecological and fertility treatment.

To ask Andrew a question email, leave a comment below or visit the 50connect forums.

Healthwise Clinic LogoAndrew is passionate about reducing the chemical overload on our bodies.  Healthwise already produces a range of organic skin balms designed for every type of skin problem, and is launching a 100% natural cosmetics and body care range.  The initial products include moisturisers and body lotions for dry sensitive, normal and oily skins.

As well as treating health problems, The Healthwise Clinic provides advice and treatment for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Andrew gives regular talks on the Chinese view of health which gives deeper significance to the mind and emotions, and the way we relate to our environment to gain maximum health. As our everyday life becomes more filled with chemicals, it is important that, with a few simple steps, we reclaim our birthright for long happy healthy lives.

His recent book 7 Secrets oF Healthy Living is written to reveal and simplify the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and improve everyday health. It costs £9.99 and can be purchased online at

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