Another day, another bung

Posted on: 06 September 2010 by Mark O'haire

Another ‘bung’ scandal, only this time in the world of cricket! Whether or not the three suspended players are guilty remains to be seen but the thing that amazes me. Is that we still try and believe that sport is all about ‘may the best man win’ and above board.

I have a friend who has lived in the Far East for much of his life and is astounded that the West can be so gullible when it comes to sport. Illegal betting is rife in Asia and betting is a way of life. They will bet on anything – down to how long it will take for a fly to land on a piece of cake! It shouldn’t surprise us that they would happily bet on predicting a ‘no ball’ in a game of cricket!

A few years ago I met a businessman who told me that he ran a business out of London that did nothing but lay ‘late’ bets on live football matches. How this particular ‘scam’ worked I don’t know but it must have been very successful judging by the Bentley he drove.

We can huff and puff but there’s no way we are going to blow this house down – there’s too much money involved! The best we can do is police it from the UK and make the players terrified of getting caught cheating (defrauding is the real word) over here – punitive fines, lifetime bans and good old fashioned jail.

Let the rest of the world sort themselves out. For once let’s worry about what happens here and not try to police the world!

Tony’s Travels!

What a busy boy Tony Blair is – on Friday he was at the Middle East talks then in less than 24  hours he was on TV in Dublin promoting his book and soon after that, he scooted down to Dublin’s O’Connell Street to sign copies for the lucky Irish that had paid £25 for the 700 page tome.

At his last appointment, we, the media management and police control were all able to see the hundreds of protestors calling him a war criminal. No doubt the other locations were better organised!

You never see our Cherie accompanying him on these jaunts – still looking after all their homes and keeping track of the money flooding into ‘Blair Enterprises’ must be a full-time job, added to being a mum and a High Court Judge (salary circa £250,000)!

A pretty lonely life at best. You’ve got to feel for the guy – wherever he goes for the foreseeable future he will always expect some kind of protest or worse to happen, not a pleasant way to live the remainder of your life. Still I expect it’s a damn sight better than having no life at all as the hundreds of thousands of casualties of Tony’s War would attest to, if only they could speak!

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