Are You Paying Too Much For Your Broadband?

Posted on: 15 September 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

New research suggests that customers are paying over the odds for broadband.

Research from broadband comparison site Broadband Expert has revealed that UK customers are paying 70 per cent more than they need to for their broadband connections despite the credit crunch.

The research carried out asked over 70,000 broadband customers on 8Mbps broadband packages what they paid for their connections, and compared it to the deals currently available on the market, revealing a huge disparity between the two figures.

The survey revealed that on average UK broadband customers pay £16.98 per month for an 8Mbps broadband package, despite some providers offering a similar package for under £10 a month.  The survey also uncovered that BT and Demon customers pay the most, whilst Sky and O2 customers pay the least.

There are three main reasons customers are overpaying for their broadband.

The first of which is that consumers are simply not always aware that broadband prices have dropped dramatically in the last few years. A customer who signed up for a broadband package two years ago could be paying 2 to 3 times the amount they would pay if they signed up to a similar or better package today.

Broadband providers could also do more to ensure long standing customers are not overcharged by moving them on to the same pricing a new customer would receive.

The final factor cited is perhaps the most surprising. In the current economic climate some consumers are aware that they could save money by switching to a new provider but are not willing to spend the time to move to a different Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Switching broadband is no longer the traumatic process it once was. Under Ofcom, the industry watchdog’s regulations, ISP’s must provide a MAC code - a numerical code like a serial number - which can be passed to the new provider and is designed to make switching from one provider to another as painless as possible.

Are you paying too much for your broadband? Would you consider switching?

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