Bank lending: Please do not ask for credit as refusal often offends

Posted on: 07 September 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

My-my, the journalistic world has just woken up to the fact that the High Street banks (including the one UK taxpayers own) have been ripping off their customers for the past two years.

Bank lendingIt turns out that the interest rates being charged are higher now for loans than they were before the ‘Great banking Crash of 2007’... and to rub salt into the wound, interest rates to depositors are the lowest in living memory.

Now if you had been reading my blog of some weeks past you would have known this. I flagged the fact that banks were charging more and lending less so they could restore the strength of their balance sheets. The very same balance sheets that had been decimated by their greedy and uncontrolled lending on ‘rubbish debts and bonds’ from the bastion of capitalism – the good old US of A.

So now you know why our ‘amazing bankers’ have delivered such good profit results this year. All courtesy of the schmucks that borrow money from them – you and me!

Still it’s good to know there are some constants in this changing world of ours. Bankers will screw you in the good time and the bad time. They screw you when they are independent and when they are state owned. They’ll screw out of shareholders (us!) big bonuses in the good time and the bad times and most constantly of all they will bleat and complain when anyone tries to bridle and regulate them. Humbug!

Blair’s got it right for once!

At the weekend Tony Blair announced that he was at odds with the Justice Minister and his views on imprisonment as a punishment. Ken Clarke, for it is he who is the incumbent, has been promulgating the policy that we are sending too many people to prison and we should be doing more to rehabilitate. Teflon Tony says this is nonsense and bad people who commit crime should expect to go to prison.

I agree 100% maybe even 110%! Everyday I read in the papers and watch on television stories of brutal attack and rapes that end up in front of a liberal judge who gives out sentences that are more suited to traffic offenders than brutal thugs.

My view is we should build more and tougher prisons and hand out sentences that really are deterrents and not just a holiday camp for criminals in between crimes. Let prison be a punishment and set an example to younger offenders that crime does not pay and it really hurts when you get caught. Let’s forget this politically correct clap trap about saving the offender and getting them to be good citizens. Forget it, it won’t happen. Let prison be about punishment and society taking its revenge on those who have no respect for others. Well said Tony – I’m with you and so are most of the people in this country.

The non-strike on London tubes!

Woke up this morning, quick bath, dressed and out by 6:30am. Down to the bus stop and onto the lovely No2 bus that whisked to Baker Street in less than 40 minutes. Usually it takes an hour to an hour and a quarter. I was in the office happily working as the rest of London woke up to the fact there is an Underground strike in London today.

Some of our staff ‘dragged’ themselves in by 10:30am ( ‘Oh! The traffic was so bad – had to stand all the way……!’) Get up early boys, beat the crisis and start the day relaxed and well! The hassle isn’t worth the extra hour in bed. As it is I’m leaving early and will be home by 5pm. The rest of London will still be trudging at 9pm tonight. It’s smart to be old!

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