Blair’s latest money maker

Posted on: 23 August 2010 by Mark O'haire

It seems Tony Blair’s skills know no bounds. His latest business venture is a new financial company whose purpose is to advise people of high net worth - how to invest their money.

The news item that reported this quoted that he has made over £20 million since he left office. Whether this includes the £4.5 million which he has ‘paid away’ to charity is not clear.

Either way he seems to be on a nice little earner. I’m not sure I would go to him to get investment advice – the 13 years of Labour government has left us with the largest national debt in our history! No doubt our Tony has brought some of his ‘city slicker’ friends in from the banking sector to help him with this new venture.

I think the likes of John Major missed a trick when he left office – by now he could have been running a chair of cricket academies with the attendant ‘pro shop’ selling kit to make that little extra profit.

Maybe Margret Thatcher should have skipped going to the House of Lords as a hereditary peer and gone straight from the office of Prime Minister to running an industrial relations consultancy. Her options were a bit restricted as son Mark had already bagged the arms dealer slot and husband Dennis’s feet were already under the oil companies table.

So what will Gordon Brown see as his natural job extension following his Downing Street tenure. I suppose he could look to doing ‘Anger Management’ courses or industrial relations conciliation services. No, I have it! He should start a new charity (he said he wanted to work in the voluntary sector) that gives training and guidance in ‘Debt Counselling’ – I think his experiences over the past three years really give him the credentials to embark on this.

Of course Lord Prescott has already earmarked the job as the Labour party’s treasurer for himself so our Gordon has missed out on that one!

There is an ‘honest’ MP!

Here we go again! Angus McNeil the Nationalist MP for the Western Isles is very annoyed with the new Expenses Ombudsman for the Palace of Westminster – real title: Independent Parliamentary Standing Authority (IPSA).

Apparently he hasn’t been charging enough for his flat in London! Up until now he’s been quite happy to claim £242 a month. The IPSA has now told him it’s not enough and he’s acting out of the ‘norm’ and he’s ‘an anomaly (please read – spoiling it for everyone else!). Now our Angus is peeved about this new instruction as he’s really proud of being the lowest expenses claiming MP in Parliament – a title that he has nurtured over the years! So now he has to rent out his flat and stay in hotels to keep the peace with IPSA – have you ever heard such nonsense?

I wonder how long it will be before we have yet another expense scandal to contend with – not long I think! With the natural pettiness of civil servants and their love affair with bureaucracy combined with most MPs desire to leg over the system I’m sure the team at The Daily Telegraph is  just waiting to run the sequel to their last  award winning expose!

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