Blair, Mandelson memoirs lift lid on New Labour

Posted on: 13 July 2010 by George Pamplin

Shotgun killer, Raoul Moat's death keeps spin kings Blair and Mandelson memoirs out of the news headlines.

Peter Mandelson's and Tony Blair's memoirsPeter Mandelson’s Memoirs are running in The Times this week (reputed advance of £1 million –that’s about £4 a word! Nice work if you can get it!). Love him or hate him you cannot avoid the fact that our Peter has been at the heart of British politics for the past 15 years. Being the ‘Master of Spin’ you can be pretty sure that it will be a very measured account of the world as Peter saw it or how he would like it to be seen.

The first two parts read pretty much like a political thriller and would certainly run to a biopic TV miniseries! Today he covers his return to the Labour hearth with Gordon Brown asking ‘Can you help me?”

What is most enlightening is how dysfunctional the Brown cabinet was. Now we all knew this but we didn’t have the detail. We do now, Mandelson regales us with insights into the sycophants and the rebels, the silent and the sulky and the loud but ignored.

Tony Blair’s memoirs are coming out in the autumn ( £5 million advance  and about £8 a word!) and no doubt ‘laddie’ Gordon will produce a tome more than suitable to keep the door open. So far there are no bidders but it has been rumoured that he is willing to pay £2 a word to any publisher who will take it on!

To get the true political flavor of the ‘noughties’ I think you will have to read all three and slice and dice to get any clarity, which will probably be worth the effort so that hopefully we will learn what not to do in the future.

The Blair era started with such vision and optimism but gradually declined as the decade passed. It wasn’t the case that the vision was wrong but rather, just the people implementing it! When Blair was finally ‘pushed from office’ by Brown and his Gang the rate of decline began to freefall. Blair knew that Brown would be no use as Prime Minister but let it happen anyway. In this he did the country and the Labour Party a great disservice.
There’s an old management saying that has a lot of truth in it ‘Number Twos never make Number Ones!’.

Let’s get things straight!

Most have us have been following the tragic events of the Raoul Moat saga. I think the media have behaved appallingly in the reporting of this - totally ‘skewing’ public perception of the issues and the events. If you read some of the reporting you would thinks we had witnessed the near illegal killing of Robin Hood. Raoul Moat is being painted as the victim, killed at the hands of the darstadly Northumberland police!

Let’s get things straight. Moat earned his living as a night club bouncer. He was alleged to be addicted to steroids. He had just come out of prison after serving a three month sentence for assault on a minor. Saturday 3rd July he gunned down his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. The boyfriend died and the mother of Moat’s child is critically injured in hospital! The next day Moat blasted a policeman sitting in his car with a 12 bore shot gun and he is facing blindness for the rest of his life!

This guy was a killer and he was determined not to get taken alive. The police tried to talk him into giving himself up. They put themselves at risk trying to apprehend him but he shot himself! He was no victim and he was no Robin Hood. He was a thug and killer and had destroyed the lives and expectations of at least three families as well as traumatizing the community of Rothbury. I say good riddance to bad rubbish!

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