Book Review: Fractured

Posted on: 11 September 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

One of our bookworms reviews Karin Slaughter's crime novel.

This book is another excellent and compelling crime thriller by Karin Slaughter.  It centres around one rich family in Georgia, Atlanta, and special agent Will Trent and detective Faith Mitchell who are seconded to solve the crime.

The Campano family, who live in one of the wealthiest suburbs, have their lives turned upside down one afternoon when murder occurs in their house.

The plot starts with Mrs Abigail Campano arriving home to a terrifying scene, how she deals with what she finds, and the events that unfold.  More than one murder in fact.

Husband Paul Campano has spoilt their only child Emma, now a young teenager, and Abigail blames Paul for everything that happens. She cannot and will not forgive him.

Paul has personal problems of his own.  He does not want Will Trent helping with the case but wants to employ his own men to solve it.  He has a very personal grudge against Will being involved, but could Will be the best person to crack the case?

Abigail’s father Hoyt Bentley, a billionaire property developer, and Paul have made numerous enemies over the years, and Hoyt also wants to deal with the case in his way.

After a disastrous start to the case, it is given to special agent Will Trent, who has several demons of his own to deal with, as well as trying to solve the crime.

His partner is detective Faith Mitchell who also has a problem working with him.  His method of solving crimes is different to other people's, but he works diligently and with reason.  Can she work in partnership with him and put her personal prejudices behind her?

17 year old Emma has become a rebellious pupil at Westfield Academy since befriending Kayla Alexander, and has taken to playing truant from school, which is why Emma is at home on the afternoon of the murder.  Teachers and heads of departments speak of the behavioural and study problems encountered by Emma, who's dyslexic.  I became suspicious of the various staff at Georgia Tech who are also interviewed along with fellow pupils.

There were numerous times I thought I knew who the murderer was, only to find that another person then became a suspect.  The story moves quickly as time is of the essence in finding the evil person involved.

I do not want to give the ending away, or even the middle part of the story, but it was not until nearing the end that I realised the murderer was someone who early on in the story was very plausible, helping with the case, and unlikely to be connected to the crime, so there was no way I had suspected the person at that time.  I had been suspicious of another person, who did turn out to be involved, but my suspicions had dwindled as others became more obvious.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would certainly recommend it to both Karin Slaughter fans, and any crime fans.

Book Review: By Glenys Phillips

Karin Slaughter's Fractured costs £17.99 from all good bookshops.  Alternatively you can purchase it from Amazon for £8.99.

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