Book Review: The Things We Do For Love

Posted on: 02 September 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Imogen Parker's novel reviewed.

I tried and tried to read the book but it is dreadful and I feel that I have been set homework to do because it is so boring.

As I started to read it I knew I would have a problem because it's written like a schoolgirl's diary who is trying to be grown up. There is really no storyline, just a lot of people doing different things.

There are 29 people mentioned from pages 15 to 30, with more on the following pages. If I had been in a shop I would have read the first page of this book and rejected it.  However I have stuck it out up to page 109, but I have to say, please no more! 

There also seems to be a lot of words put into the book to just fill it and plump it up. For example one passage tells of how, after eating chips, he screws up the paper and then throws it into the bin. She then goes on to say how he always gets his paper in the bin because he is that sort of person.  

Then there's a bit about how a child plays with his marble on the floor by using the carpet as a road and pretending to be a car by running his marble along the lines.  I am afraid it is dribble, and I am sure the book was written by a teenager, who was bored one afternoon.

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Imogen Parker's The Things We Do For Love costs £6.99 from all good bookshops.  Alternatively you can purchase it from Amazon for £4.89.

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