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Posted on: 06 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

From stocking-fillers to keepsake presents, our original suggestions are sure to please husbands, wives and youngsters.

Remote Control Tarantula

It's an arachnophobe's worst nightmare - a huge hairy spider you can control. Play tricks on your friends, entertain your cat or dog, scare the jeebies out of the postman or get a couple of them and race them. The 16.5cm long toy moves just like a spider and also has light-up eyes and a furry texture that makes him frighteningly realistic. Watch it crawl with real spider-like movement by using the "spider egg" remote control to send it scurrying across any smooth, flat surface. With independent leg movement you can manoeuvre the spider in almost any direction. Age 6 plus. Requires 2 AAA and 2 AA batteries.

Price: £19.95

Where to buy:

Bouncy Ball KitCreate-It Bouncy Ball Kit

Little boys love bouncy balls and they'll love them even more when they've made the balls from scratch. This mini kit includes a bouncy ball mould and four colour sachets of bouncy ball mixture. They are so cool and easy to make what little boy won't love this kit?! All they need to do is mix the powder with cold water, fill the mould and wait for the balls! Perfect for developing hand eye co-ordination and getting the creative juices flowing! And don't forget, all the Little Experience kits have an extra activity. The packaging for the Bouncy Ball Kit doubles as a colouring in sheet. Makes four 3cm bouncy balls. Age 4 to 12.

Price: £5.95

Where to buy:

Joke BoxJoke Box

A box of mischief with 12 of the classic corny gags including dirty face soap, x-ray specs and loads more. Age 6 and over.

Price: £10

Whre to buy:

RC HelicopterBladez 3d Helicopter

The immensely enjoyable, indoor and outdoor monster RC Helicopter is ready for lift off. A twelve minute charge will give you about eight minutes of flying time, and it's best suited for intermediate to advanced heli flyers.

Price: £49.99

Where To Buy:

Drum kitElectronic Drum Kit

Learn to play the drums without upsetting the neighbours! This new ‘virtual’ USB Digital Drum Station iED05 kit has a headphone socket, so you can play without disturbing others. It can also be played in normal sound mode when ready for that public performance.

Price: £180

Where To Buy:

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