Brain Tumours And The Menopause

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Mature website, has exposed the link between the menopause and the risk women face of developing a brain tumour.

For Immediate Release: 16th March 2004

While researching the menopause, Dale Lovell of, has uncovered a disturbing link between brain tumour sufferers and the menopause.

Dr. Geoffrey Pilkington of King’s College London, a leading researcher into the treatment of brain tumours says; “Women who have undergone the menopause are more susceptible to developing meningiomas, tumours of the protective lining surrounding the brain.”

But what’s causing the link? And what are the symptoms?

Changes in oestrogen levels during the menopause are believed to be responsible, but as yet no one knows why some people get brain tumours and others do not.

Published to coincide with the launch of the newly updated health channel on, the findings look at possible causes for brain tumours.

The number of brain tumour cases in the UK has risen 40% since 1960, and averages a 2% increase each year.

Possible reasons for the rise have been put down to:

• Increased use of fertilisers and pesticides in the food chain.
• Increased radiation from electrical equipment around the home.
• Mobile phone usage.

So is there anyway that we can lessen the risk of getting a brain tumour? The article looks at new research in to the treatment of brain tumours and the results that these clinical trials have come up with, as supported by brain tumour sufferers themselves.

Dale Lovell says: “The findings we uncovered while researching the menopause suggest that brain tumours are more likely to occur in women of menopausal age as opposed to any other age group.

"By bringing this to the attention of the public we hope that more women will be made aware of the potential danger they face from brain tumours during the menopause.”

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