BT: It rains and it pours

Posted on: 06 August 2010 by Mark O'haire

Yesterday I was moaning about the silly TV ads BT are running and their lack of customer service. Well today it seems I’ve been hit again.

Logging on to my computer first thing this morning via my O2 broadband dongle and up came the O2 home page. No sooner than it had appeared there was a ‘pop-up’ for BT Openzone broadband service covering it.

Now of course BT and O2 are direct competitors for broadband customers. Not phased I clicked it closed and it popped up again, and again and again – 15 times in all!

Not to be beaten I shut it all down and started again, only this time using my home broadband connection – provided by BT Business Services. It then happened all over again – the home page of Openzone and Fon (another service of BT)! This time it only took me 10 shutdowns and restarts to clear it for good!

Irritating to say the least, downright bad business practice to spell it our for the world to hear. BT is the carrier of all landline broadband connections in the UK and they are exploiting their position, technology and knowledge to get ‘a leg over’ their competition. It’s ethically not right and I suspect in breach of the Data Protection Act and the Ofcom regulations.

Explanations please Mr BT?

CCTV ‘spies in the sky’

There’s trouble brewing in Birmingham amongst the Asian community! The Birmingham police have just finished installing  200 plus CCTV cameras in and around the city.

No problem there - in London there are thousands of such gadgets, so many in fact that if you happen to spend eight hours walking or driving around the streets of London you will be photographed 1300 times!

Well in Birmingham they seem more sensitive as the new cameras are situated in two predominantly Asian areas and they are crying ‘Foul!’ and ‘Take them down!’. The police have not covered themselves in glory in their handled of this debacle and are entrenched in their determination to leave the cameras in situ and use them for all manners and purposes. Young Asians are now saying ‘Take them down or we’ll take down!’ This doesn’t look good for the peace and tranquillity of the residents of Birmingham.

For my part I don’t think the police can do much more than stick to their guns. We cannot live in a society where minorities are constantly calling “Foul!’ and getting away with it. We are in troubled times with terrorism and crime being a major social issue and sadly most of the terrorist acts in the past few years have been carried out by Muslim extremists. 

No, for my money the cameras should stay and the only advice I can give  to all Birmingham residents is to say: ‘Smile please– you’re on Candid Camera”.

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