Competition winners - April 2014

Posted on: 08 May 2014 by 50connect Promotions

Here are the lucky winners of competitions on 50connect throughout April.

competition winners


£200 M&S Vouchers with 

Tracey Whysall


Happy Days – A New Musical

Sian Thomas, Timothy Orton, Bernadette Hughes and Lesley Stoton


Fatal Attraction at Theatre Royal Haymarket

Beth Wilder, Emma Ziff, Merryl Cain-O’Grady and Jessica Belmonte


Other desert cities at The Old Vic

Simone Kowitz, Pauline Montgomery, Zoe Coombes and Hamish Ramlal


A Small Family Business and The Silver Tassie at the National Theatre

Edina Lengyel and Clair Chen


David Serero’s ‘One Man Musical Show’

Donna Large, Sue Gromala, David Philpot, Margaret Nokling, Jennie Backhouse, AR Lister, Mary Lucking, Angela Perry, Neil Molyneux and Gillian Faulkner


£100 Charles Clinkard Voucher

Allan Pogson


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD

Catherine Parkin, Emma Nixon and Haresh Patel


Women of Twilight at the Pleasance Theatre, London

Maria de witte, Chris Cleave, Paula Gannon, Daniela Blumlein, Beatrice Charing, Linda Kietz, Irene Maier, Sandra Jenkinson, Jon Dodsley and John Wood


Charlie Landsborough’s “Hrre, There And Everywhere”CD

Holly Smith, Rajesh Sharma, Suzanne Jackson, Lynn Pemberton, Maz Marriott and Iris Raile


amplicomms PowerTel 58 Plus Loud Corded Telephone Answering Machine

Carol Wooding, Lauren Pilkington, Geof Powell and Ellen Emery


Grumpy Old Women Tour

Samantha Sugden, Catherine Amaro, Josie Payn and Mike Secker


Translations at Rose Theatre Kingston

Kimberley Howes, Heather Wiggs, Shaun Needham and Dale Askew


KeraFiber Hair Care Range

Neeta Scrivener


Rhydian ‘One Day Like This’ CD

Matt Brasier, Wendy Guy, Vanessa Humphries, Carol Clifton and Michelle Stewart


£100 Dancemania Voucher

Jill Fairbank


The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show 2014

Evangeline Ward and Joe Maher



Elizabeth McArthur and Karen Boggett

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